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Rt LOn.
The Mayor appointed the Board of the Atlanta Children and Youth

Services Council ag the Program's Executive Committee.

The Council established an Ay veouy Committee composed of some 685
federal, stete, local, public and private agencies, including ‘youth
and indigenous adults. .The Cownittee has held approximately five (5)

“general meetings.


Several Committees huve been organived. They axe as follows:

1. Employment Committee - Mr. Charles Storn, ia

2. Recreation Comnittec - i, Henry Helton, Chairman;

3. Education Committee - Mrs. Betty Cantor, Chaizman ;

4. Public Relations Comaittee - Miss Ann Cobb, Chairman;

5. Volunteer Services Committee - Mrs. Vivian Henderson, Chairman;
6. Special Events Comittee - Mr. Steven Fox, Chaiznan;

7. Transportation Cornittes - Mr. Johnny Robinson, Chairman,

Each committee is functioning at various and different levels
or degress.

In addition, the Council has been in constant contact and working
with tir, Harold Barrett of FE. OQ. A., Nr. Alvin Koth of the Board

of Educa tion, Mr. Jack Delius end Miss Carmichael of the City's
Parks and Recreation Depertment. Mr. Richard Munroe of the Georgia
Arts Cotte? Mr. Woody Seegars of the se: sabes of Labor, Doctor
Hugh Noss of the Atlanta Gourd of Education, Mr. John Standridgea

of the Atlanta Board of Education, Mr. Charles Carlton of the Vaderal
Executive Board, Mr. James Ellis cf Small Business (eg ee
"FEB", and Mr, Williem Allgood of the Department of Lahor, Initial
contact bas also been made with the Georgia Department of Yamily and
Children Services.

Planning, Process «

Initial letters were sent to all agencies, proups, end organizetions
oo y 3 “OF
in the City raquesting that they indicate how they could SEGTS RES
y o 2 / Pp £
in the Youth Opportunity Progrem, As a result, 73 initial preposals
were reccived. Yhe Covacil received proposals from cultural art
groups, United Appecl, BE. 0. A. Neighborhcod Service Centers and

indigenous pfroups.

The Youth éeportunilty Compeign Office halped ta develop these preposals
along the Federal guidelines.

A Fornell Submission of Proposals,


A total of sone eighty (80) proposals were submitted,

axvairs were called in jncdlividucl Ay s
peoteers Were akecusaad “by @ psnel couposed of reproscutatives

the staff and Bonrd of the Atlanta Chaldean

Each of

aud ehiaié

from the staff of










and Youth Seryvit i Also, the Atlontea Parks end erention

Dopirtiment ond HLEY Chast partie d, ive BELaMeD Bosra
a Z l

of Bducation wes divited but wes unable 2 representative.

IV, Other Agencies _and Groups Contacted and Off

A Federal

le hind Avay. “Fort McPherson, Dobbins and Connaly". The Third Arny

is offering ERASER facilit ee and services.

o. Ui Sa Depar tment £ Interios. The Department of Interior is offering

parks and Petes

U. S. Forest Services. The U. S. Forest Services is offering films,
camps, facalities Sy and speakers.

U.S. Department of Housing _and Urban Development + The HUD organization

we gare oe PEFR RT Na ae tren peace ener sre Sytem

is giving a planning grant, “the moderation program and the vest pocket
program~if desired.

U. S. De ment alth, Education and Welfare, The Department

“of Health, Education end Welkere Js halping by cleving off .
campus employment in the work-study progran, the re aileeatien of Title I
funds, the availability of vocational. education work-stuecy program é@ and
the Ixpansion Grant Progrem. The Public Relations Departinent of HE

will also offer free nailing and publicity.

of Labor, Contacts were made with the Labor Depart-
ment to make civollees of the Neighborhood Youth Corps and other prograr
Slots available to the needy. As a result, there has been an increase
in in-school slots for this City. The La bar Departiaent is exploring
the Special impact program for money available to the prograin,

; : nm, The Small Business Adningstvation
is circwlarizing 27,000 caployces to obtain volunte supplies and
transportation, they will coordinate this proaren,.

Fort HePherson Installation. Fort McPherson is planning

nd de Heiopese



tae eee demiaemtaamianiaited waaan” aban telieene


camping activities for a choosen area, Colonel Callovey
this information with us and we will have further inform
at a later time.

s dise


U. Se De partment OF comencs. The Comaerce Dep erties is considering the
hiring of Unqualified census takers for a special census progran.

This office has already sent 700 youth to apply for said jobs. The
Commerce Department is working with the Employment Comaittee, Publicity
Committee as well as SBA to pronote this program. This will also
include jobs given if S33 so desires,

BE, Scate ie

oe ee

2. National fueres The National Guard contact h ean nade oe
ir. Brueeus is his ag he Nations) Guard
he HatSonal Cuard Armories.
and. Children Services This

ee te eee ctr ce

>is working with the Council's Office te try to bi the
Geranane to appropriate $50,060 to this pregran, The Depa
Family and Children Services js als arching to see wha
can provide in this respect.


make so: rork slots


Stete Re 1 Ce at eesistaice
t6. Jocal si ut SShSUINE plonrenis hk Drovidin mieal

assistance services,

=, 1 ‘gh
5S : 1 enh c ong he
a por tion of the Arts sSion fund vat aRYe to this

dunds he a

State Parks Department, The State Parks Department has been contacted
about the use of parks forhiking and camping (resident and day).

Georgia State Health Department. This Department has been working
with this =e in developing a Rodent Control Program and also
offering its assistance in many other types of programs appropriate
for this agency.

‘Personnel Departizent. The City of Atlanta Personnel Department is

Be ic Relat

helping N¥C enrollees obtain employment in the City's programs. The
Department is also developing a spacial kind of Pras to help
approximately 175 needy and disadvantaged youth in sumner jobs.

rt. The Public Relations Department is
ast daily in de ‘veloping a Rodent Control Pregram and .
rex with the

ssisting a ]
also is conteuplating the hiring of youth during -Cthe sum:

Sanitation Departinent,

xecreation Departinant. The Recreation Department is sponsoring a
major expansion of its program and neighborhood centers.

Atlanta Ioard of Education, The Board is sponsoring a major program
under Title I which was expended through total comwaunity efforts.

a. lixpansion of the Neighborhood Youth Corps Program;
b. Conduc a summer programs and an increase Im summer scholarships;

rete s
* ate
c. Some Wérk-~s

study programs under vocational education.

Coxauni.ty Schools Program. The Commimity Schools will develop and

expand Y several education-recreational and training progvens,

Teacher Corps. Contact was made with the Director of the Teacher Lh
Corps. <A final word on whether a Teacher Corps will or will not
be held in Atlanta or Athens is forthcoming today, April 24, 1968.

Faucation TV. The Atlanta Education TV will help in the ¢develorment
of a program to disadvanteged youth.


Atlanta Public Hovsing Authority. Contacts have been made to explore

What prozrans are possible » with this < éesency. It was also learned
a through the Office of the Secretary of HUD,

that $4,000 is ave

which could provide jebs end Pompeo: for needy youth; hovever, the
Atlanta Fousing Authority jis not eble to participate in such a progran
at this time. j

United Appesl. Several meetings have beon held with Richard Hicks and

Nicholes Novak concerning the participation af the United Appaal Agency

] j 2
in the progras All Chest Agencies have been urged to participate in
the swaner peeeteas

The Progrvan arranged some proposals subaitted to BE. QO. A. for group
‘ ng) » special work with

services, comping, (resident and
problen childre noand viaved mother dition to the Fanily Coumsecling
Center, the Gate City Nurser anc i, 0. Av, an individual casevork ascancy
> y Ys > & y
in the Chest will undertake recruiting 200 umved teenage mothers. to get
them to return to school, :

Ll. Vhe United Asp
a thea, ox
11 inelude


senk prograns
for the surrey.
bUkidene 3 preg ay coups, resident
services and. pee ek ay




Page ty ‘

2. The United Appeal is also planning to make a special
appropriation to the Youth Opportunity Program. The
proposals are attached.

3, Jewish Community Center will make its day camp available
Saturdays. This will be used by Groups from areas not
having day camp facilities.

h, The Catholic Social Services will hire one er two
disadvantage youth.

The Atlanta University School of Secial Work and the Atlanta
Board of Education are conducting a special project for absenteeisin
in the Northwest Perry Homes Area.* The Absenteeism Project has been
officially endorsed and will be participated in by the Atlanta
Board of Education.

The United Ap

ppeal is making a special. appropriation available
to help support this i

i ‘
Hs program.

Fulton County. The Fulton County Department of Family and Children
Service will hire ven (10) youth to work in its homemaker and care
aide programs. It will also utilize volunteers in its Child Welfare


The Atlanta Fulton County Library will offer a special progran of
reading, bookmobile and filn-lending.

B.O.A. and Neighborhood Groups.

rire tao fms eel nia Sa a aa Re A Ras

In compliance with the OLO Guidelines, several. youth and indigenous
groups submitted proposals for funding. Most of these proposals
dealt with community services, youth casploynent , and training. There
are proposals of this type from every neighborhood center area,

Private Groups | end Service Clubs

The Service Clubs in the comnunity have met with the Chember of Comaerce
to get them to solicit jobs in their neighborhoods. JMr. Frenk Player
will also ask these clubs to support this program.

J. The Association of Retired Teachers is polling their members
to find tutors,

2. The Leegue of Women Voters, the Council of Jewish Women end
the Jack and Jills are helping with volunteers.

also, help to find transportation resources, especially anong
the churches.

3. VISTA’. will help train the volunteers, The VISTA Council will

i. Sone of the private suburban schools will provide sclolanships
for summer prograas for poor youth. One (Trinkty) night
to make some.of its teachers availeble for tutoring in the jnner-.

Red Cros

The Red Cross will furnish volunteers for svimning, ete.

Ne ‘dical Associe

The Fulton and Dekalb Medical Associations will provide medical.
exeminatious for camp.

the Arts Councils will £ind ang train volunteers for its arts and

Coll & ges

Georgia State College will assist with voluntecrs for art and
public relations.

The University of, Georgia will assist in monitoring and

3. The Atlanta University Center Schools will assist in the art,
the volunteer, and the reading program.

“Off-Campus Work-Study Program

All colleges in the Southern Region participating in the Wo ovk=titudy

Program were weitten to see if they would use some of their work-study slots
for their students living in Atlanta to participate in an off-campus vork-
study progran. While the results for this year resulted in less than

. 100 students, most of the colleges expressed a willingness to work in

te te

such programs in 1959, Many of them might still participate.

Special Events

1. The Atlante Braves-Chief will make tickets available

+ =

2. The Convention Bureau has sent resource materie
3. The Auditorium Manager will inform this office o7 shows end
events, as well. as the sponsors of same for t 1onth of June,
July and Augudt.

Southern Bell will provide a filn,.

The soft drinks and baking companies Will offer tours and treats
for special occasions.

The NAACP will offer a guitar progrein.

Greyhound, Trai lway and Continental Trailway

Hajor wags associations and professional.
Tes members,

9. The major airlines will again offer around-the-city rides anda

The Police Depantnent
A most important part of the summer progran will be t
of the Crime Prevention Bureau, The Bureau will opere
in poverty areas. Jt will conduct tours of the Police
offer talks to youth groups, and it assist azencie
tions in conducting social and then PYOZPAMS

The Publie and eedwete agence aes Wi11 conduct their ne FACT
prograns over and above the special summer progreas. =e W111 dinelude
such pRONPaHIE ast

1. Employment,
a ih sephosa Youth Corps

baa apdea in. Lia

Semner School.
7 and TIT



Page 6

3. Reerecation

a. The regular.programs of the Parks and Recreation Departinent
b. The regular program of the United Appeal Agencies

Public Relations and Publicity


The advertisement firm of Little, Neal, Battle and Lindsey has been

obtained by the mayor to serve as our public relations counselor.

‘We also have a public relations sub-ccmmittee chaired by Miss Ann Cobb,

The Industrial Editors Asseciation is working with this part of the
program. The Regional Public Relations Offices of HEW, and Labor

arevje;!omg is om tjos area/

Other Activities

Several groups are working on a variety of projects and prograias on

their own, but in close contact with the Youth Opportunity Progra.
These include the Chamber of Commerce, the Junior Chamber of Comnerce
(Softball League, Rodent Control), Grady Hospital, Price Comprehensive
Health Program, and the hetropolitan Atlanta Christian Council,

public items show