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The ove1·all obj cotives of th e Youth Oppo:ctunity Program are to
p r ovide ne eded servic es to t11e poor )tmemp loye <l, .s o:::ia rcta:c<l c d, cultura lly
deprived and academic a lly delinquent youth. Th e major efforts of the Youth
Opp ortun ity Progn1m arc a j_med at eli.minat:lng these conditions.
The 19 68 Youth Oppor tuni ty P1·ogram is coordina ted · by the Atlanta
Child ren and Youth Services Counc il. The Council is ser.ving as st af f to
th e He t ropo l:i.t a n Youth Oppor tun i"ty Council.
Every co:nmun ity organization, social age ncy, Neighborhood Service
Center , youth club .2nd oth er pr iva·te non--p r o[i.t groups were invited t o submi t
pro~r~ms and a l tcrnc!U.ves 11hich could be op en1 tecl with or without fed era l
furil fog ,
Emp;loyment :
se)cra l agencies and organ :i. za tions _H:i.11 be r.;5.ving ass j_stance to the youth
err.ploymecnt a s pept of the Youth Oppor tunity Progr2m .
will fu rnis h job s:
Nationa l Alli2nce of Businessmen r Recre a tion Proposals
Federa l Agencj_es
S tate Agencies
Subsidiz ed Jobs (Ne ighborhood Youth Corps ,
Vocational Educa tion , Title _I , etc. )
Misce l l ane ou s PJ. a c c~ent - Youth _Opportun ity
The fol _lowing agencies
3, 300
1, 000
70 0

\'".>·~> .
I .
5 00
Total Conmittcd - - ----·--- - --- - -------- - -·-------~·100
The Youth Employment Center, Geo1·gia St a te E,nployi112nt Scrvj'_ce , will be
respons:i.b le f or screen ing, c ounse ling ~n<l ple c emcut in th e you th emp loym~n t
phase of this progra1,1.
In t he e ducat i ona l aspect of th e Youth Opportunj_ty Program , efforts will be
made as foll oHs :
To provide ne o.ded rcr:1e dL,t l rn1d tutod.a l progr['.ms fo):
poo r y outh ;
To provide v oca tiona l info nna U.cin and e ducationa l activities
n eeded by youth to ente r into th e l abor fo rce ;
To a ll oi·7 e1:.::a t ive c1.nd i educa t iona l progr not
poss ibl e d~ i ing winter mon ci1 s ;
- J. -
' I
To a llou coup ling of edu ca ti ona l , emp loymen t, cu l t ura l
enri chment, and recreat iona l programs ;
To of fer pr ogr ams a nd cou~ses no t genera l ly avai l a bl e
to poor you t h dur ing r egul ar s choo l yea r.
The ma j or operating programs will be s ummer s ch oo l o operated by th e Atlan t a ,
Deca tur , Ft1 lton and Deka lb Count i es Schoo l Systems . A f ee i s charged f or
t h ese schoolo ; houev e r , the At l an t a Publi c Schoo l Sys t em has h 1<.1 icated tha t
no needy chi l d wi l l be denied admiss i on t o s umme r s chool bc:cause o[ money .
PTA I s and o t h er communi ty groups a r e 1womo t i ng a t t cnda~1cc of summer school
fo r chi l dren needing re1:1edia l work.
I n adcl:i.tion t o the r egul a r summe r program, severa l s p c:c ia l pr ogn:imo w:i.11 b e
provi<l ed unde r Title I and H I Ki\SP, by the Atlant a e.nc1 Delrn. J.b Coun t y Boards
of E<ltica t :i.on .
Recreat i on :
The goa l i s t o provide avai l ab l e recreationa l and / or l e i s ure time ac tivi ti es
in amoun t of f re,qu en cy and distance .
It uould be int eres t i ng to br i e fly s ur..mari ze the r ccrca ti.ona l aspe cts of th e
You th Oppor t unity Progrnm . A to ta l of 35 proposa l s uiJ.1 b e proposed . The
f e dera l budge t request on these propos~ l s to t a l s $600 , 000.
An in teg r a l pe rt of t he r ecrea t i ona l- cul tura l aspect of t h e pr ogr am wil l be
r es i dent and clay camping progn1rns . Effort uas made to i ncre3se the number
of da y and r esiden t c mp slots · avc1 iL~~bl c to poor chilch·cn nnd youth. Pres ::mtly ,
slots are ava il o1b le f or 2 , 538 youths in r e sident and day activi.tfes in
this program. Many e genci es are making many of the ir rc ~ul ar sunmer camp slo ts
ava ilab l e t o poor youth . Th ose i nc lude th e Boy Scou t s , Gir l .Scout s , Camp Fire
Girl s , YHCA and YWCA , Be thl ehem Cen t ers , e t c . Th ese organi za tions ui.J.l provid e
day and resident camps for non-m2re1bers . In addit i on , t he City of At l anta
Recreation Depc:r tme.n t wi ll ope rate a camp i ng program . The J euish Corr~rnuni t y
Cen t er wi ll make its cl ay camp f a cil i ties ava ilab l e to gr oups of poor yo uth
throughout t he smnrt1e r .
Many you th will spend weekend camping trips at the St a t e and Na tiona l P&rks .
Equa lly i mportRnt i s the f ac t th nt ci1ese pr oj ec ts u i l l emp l oy a pprox i ma t e ly
1,000 p6or t eenagers and young adu lts .
Opera tiona l Orgnni~a tions :
The City of At l anta Parks , Rec r ea t ion 2nd Schoo l Depar t merits wi ll carry
the ma jor r esponsibil i ty f or t he r ecrea tiona l pro 0 r.c::m. In adcli U on , the
cit ies of Ea st Point and Roswe l l will provide spec i a l recrea tiona l prog r ~rns .
The Uni tcd Appea l Az encics, th e EOA Ncis hbor hoocl Sci:vice Ce nters , . a nd sevon1l
communi.ty-L .:isec.l youth and young adul t groups wi ll prov id e spec i a l prof;rams .
- 2-
�The members and as sociate members of th e J\rts Counci l will provide meaningf1.d_
art and · cultu ral programs . In ord er to supp l emen t tl1 ese p1·o grrnns , severc1l
businessme n and women as we ll as severa l club groups will p rovide special
pro grams of recreation foi.· needed childr en and youth.

Cultura l a nd J\rts Programs :
\ er
There are a t ota l number of fo ur t e en cuJ.tu r.a l 1~ rt and cultura l programs serving
30,800 child ren an<l youth and emp l oying 6f950 youth,
In aclcEt:i_ o;Y, m:- ts nncl
c ra ft s programs wil l s erve another 11,370 child ren a nd you t h,
Agencies providing th ese serv ic es in c lude :
Central City l~eighborh ood Service Cente1: ;
Acad emy Thc0. trc ;
Ruth Mitch e ll Dan ce Company;
Dekdb YHCA;
Atlanta YHCA ;
Centra l YHCi\ Program ;
Gra dy ll om2s Co: mnuni ty Girls Club, Inc.;
Me trop olit a n Boys' Club, Inc,;
Butler Street TI~A ;
Wo r kshop, Inco rporated ;
Surr,r,1erh5.ll- -J.1ech a11icsvH le Neiehb orhood Service CentcJ: ;
City of Atla nt a Perks and Recrea tion Depa rtm2nt;
H. R. Butler Schoo l;
Gwinne tt Co un ty EOA
Adult Volunteer Prog r am :
lntrod~c tion - A k ey to succ ess of the entire youth opportunity progr am will
The manpower J.1:.edcd to ca r ry out the
many activiti es in this progrnm is too nume rous to be obt ~ine d fro m the limited
funds available. Effo r t will b e ma de to recruit, tr a in, and pl ac e a tot a l of
500 full and par t - time voluntee rs .
be the numbe r of volunteers recnd.t e d.
These volu11teers wil l serve in a variety of way, such as ca wp counse lor s ,
e mp loyme nt int er..d.e~1crs , gc1.rne ro om sup~;:vison;, gyi:1 i ns true tm:s, co a ch0s ,
tuto rs , bus s upe:rvisors , homem.:i kin.g t ea che1·s , c: rts c1.nd cra fts ins true tor s ,
and hu ndreds of oth er t ypes o f l enders .
. III.
Re cruitmen t - Rccn1 5- t1,1~ nt of voltm tc. C!rs uiJ.1. b e r,d.1,1c1.i:ily th rmigh pu blic
med i a , sp ea king cn2ngc2en t s , brochur es and fly ers . A full page a d will
be p l 2ced i n th e th re:c mcJ. j or ncHsp e pers . The Federa l Gov enune nt, Lobo r
Un ions, scverct l t r2. cle 2ssociat i ons , pr ofessio~1a l orgo.nizations , chu:c ch cs ,
and reli gious ljroups uiJ.J. b e s ol i_£i _t C;_~l -fo 1· ·-voltmtecr servj_ces. The Fc<let·.:ll
agencies an: aski.n8 a ll of it s 2, ,000 volun~ ec0 to uork in this prog1·c.m.

Train ing - Trainin8 of' th e volun tec1·~-ffiTJ~bc done by VI STA, th e /i.m2 rican
Red Cross , and th o u s ec ,
,.. .
{\ , · \ }.
.r ·.l-~
·· 3 -
· rJ_, -/:) .
l .
1_ ,.-
J ?
Pl acements - A special volunteer placemen t c ommi ttee is presently at Hork
and will place the volun teers.
Sp ecial Events:
Im i mpor t ant par t of th e Youth Oppo1·tunity Progi:am Hill be s pecial events.
Several sp e cial events will be pl a nned and impl emen ted by th e individual
agencie s and organizations . The Scl1 oo l and Recrea t ion Depa rtmen t a r c now
pl anni ng specia l events su ch as Jr. Olympics , Fie ld Days, Ch a tt anooga-Atlanta
Games , and oth er simil ar events.
In addition, arrangen~ent s ar e be i ng r,,:! de to obta in<.ets c1ncl ion to
movies , th ea t ers , ath l e tic ev en ts, and cultura l ac t i vitie s . Bus, plane , tra in,
and boa t trip s are being arrengc d. Picnics, outin gs and special si~1t - seeing
tours m:e being an:ange<l , ThcSpe cic1 l- Event s-Sub- -Go,,Jilltte 1:: is r)-ng ch_<e:Li:e·cy-.
•b ,i---}k- ; ~ ,
,....__~a- -
Trans port a tion:
One of th e mos t cruci a l and critica l pr oblems to be solv ed in the Youth
Opportun ity Program is trc1n s port a U.on. Nine percent of all the
propos a ls submit~ed requires t rensp ort a tion. The present pl an is· to
centra li ze all tra nsp ortation and di s pa tch by requ es t and regular routing.
The buses will be obtnin ecl from th e follos;-;ing sources:
The Atla nt a Tran s it Company;
The Third Army and Oth er HiJ.:i.t a ry;
The Fulton County Schools;
The Dekalb County School s ;
Priva te Oi·: ners of buses used by th e Cc-;
Church-o~mc<l buses;
Tl1e Greyhoun d Bus;
The Tra ilways Bus;
The Continent a l TraiJ.ways Eus;
The ma jor rail companies;
State Nat i ona l Guard
An estimate of th e t nrnspoi:t<1 tion ne eds J_s i.llu s tr c>. tecl by th:: reques t s mc1de in
submitted pr oj e cts. An estima t ed $158,000 is needed to prov ide the neede d
trans po r t at ion fo r r es id ent camps , day c a:·,1 ps, tri ps anc1 tours .

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