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Proiect Recr e ation Plug-In
This is a pilot employment progr ~ n·designed to utilize 11
indigenous teenage youth age s 16-20 to serve as coTTuu unity recr e ation organiz e rs. The youth Recreation Organizers will recruit>
organi ze, plan, and supe rvise 10 other teenag~rs each to provide
planned sumne r r e creation on a 24 hour b a sis. The project will
last for 11 weeks.
Budg e t Req1:1 e st
Junior D. J. P~r am
An employme nt, cultural, and communications program utilizing
10 Juri.ior
., D. J. 's from high dens ity to be trained in use of P~A o
equipme nt to provide r e cord hops for about 10,000 high school and
young adults age s 16-25 during th e evening hours (7:30-10;00 P. M.)~
These hops will be giVe n in all of the 14 Neighborhood Se r v ice Ce nter
areas. The proj e ct will last 4 months.

, tHt
: l, •. ,!..l fr\Ai:: E (',- ) ~ t=\

(,:, '" ,c~ 1 ·r3 -J .-1 c"' r- r J33 cc c: 1 : :_: ,.. .::. u
Budget Re ques t ir 1 3 ~i:
pperation Youth
This is an employme nt, r e cre ation, cultural, and ed_u cation a l
progra~ . Se rving 500 ma l es a~d f ema l e s ages 5-25 in and out of s c hoo l
in a compr eh e ns i v e program of recre a tion and cultural acti v it ies including d ive rs ifi ed p layg r ound pr ograms , field trips, craft s , dr a::12. tics ,
dance , gr ou p 4i s cu ss i on , e tc. The pr oj e ct will la s t 11 we eks .
Budge t Request
This is a pro g r am des i gne d t o invol ve 50-100 ma l es a nd f ema l e s
in and out o f schoo l age s 12-21 in a pr og r am of r ecr e at i on , empl oy me nt, e du ca t ion , a c d cul tural e n r ic hme nt acti v iti es . The youth in
th e pr o j e ct wi ll work s i x ho ur s p~r d a y in such ac t i v i ti e s as f iel d
trip s , c avp i ng , t ut o ria l , e t c. Th e pro j ect will l ast for 12 wee ks .
Budg e t Req ues t
$15,0 00
Su1inne r Enr i chmen t P·L·ogram
This p rog r am ·{ s a r ec r e ation, edu ca tion and cultural enr .i c hment pr ogram serv i ng ________ __ youth age s · to
· in
art s · and cra f t, Lect ur1=:s ( spor t s , .socia l to p ic s , curre nt ~ t s ) ,
fi e ld tri ps , tu tor ial programs , d an cing ,- games , sports,. and
coun se ling serv i ces . The project will last a pprox i ma t e ly 8 we e ks .
Budge t Re ques t
Job Prepara ti ori Yro gr am
An emp l oyment program designe d t o ser v e 25 teenage g irls 16-18
years of age an d t r a{ni ng and c ouns e ling i n going ab out ge tting a
job. The pr og r am will l as t for 7 mon th s .
- Bud ge t Req ue st
ANriEoA , rnc.
Re cr ea ti on a l ( Bow l ing ) Pr ogram
This r e cr e at i on , cultur a l, an d educat i on program wi ll s e r v e
an d
spo r t mansh ip, t eam an d i ndiv i dual pri de . The p rogram will l ast 12
weeks .
1200 yout h age a 7-1 8 in limit e d s k ill s in bowl i ng , f a ir pl a y
Bud ge t Request
Pr o je c t Cir cus
A r ecr ea tiona l, ed uc a tio na l, a nd cul t u r a l program des igne d t o
u ti l iz e s ome Sb youth t h r ougho ut Atl an t a , who wi l l be traine d in
theat r e and dr ama tic t ec h n i ques . The y wi ll work with younger
chil dr en i nvo l ve d i n see in g Cir cus '.
Bu dg e t Re ques t
$1 6 ,737 .2 0
Dan ce I ns tr uct i on i n Eocern J azz Ba ll e t
A r ec r eationa l, e duc a ti ona l , and cu l tura l program des i gned to
utili ze _ __ y ou th , ages 9- 15 in pr ovi d ing cl asses i n ~ode r n J azz
Ball et in pr eparat i on f or a pro gram t o be pr esented-by t he Yo ut h .
This p ro j ect wi ll l a st f or 10 we eks.
Bu dget Reques t
Lawso n Apaitments
A recreational and e4ucational program designed to serve 75-100
teenage boys and girls ages 7-12 (r esidents of the Apartments) in a
recr-; ational and education progr a~ five .days a week, 9:00-5:30 which
will includ e club pro gram , service project, dr amat ics, trips, for
teen age girls and sports, game s, arts and cr afts, pond play activity
for younger bo ys and girls . The proj ect wil l last for ap~r oximately
2 months.
Budget Request
The Originals
An e xper i men tal ·p ilot· project designed to use social group
work method, community org anizat ion and a historical approach in
organizing a t een dr ama g roup to pre sent special programs f6r th e
commun :i:.1 ty . The proj ect will utilize 50-500 poor youth between th e
ages of 15-21. The yout h activ ity wil l includ e dance, dr ama , music ,
~tc. The viewing audi ence will ran ge from 100-1000. Dur ~tion of
project - 14 weeks.
Budget Re quest $21,550
Teen Partners
This comprehensive education, emplo:yme nt, coun·seling, cultur a l
and recre ation program is d esigned to help in th e developme nt of
attitude s, goals , motivation, 'knm-, led ge and skill of 24-30 youth
within a thr e-e ~ile ra dius of th e Cent r al 'fl-[CA . The youth along
with th e training will be provided a compr ehensive r e creational
pro gram. Dur~ tion of proj ect - 8 week s .
Budge t Re quest
$6,94 7.11
Job Exo lor ation for Teen Teams
This empl oyme nt, ed ucation and r ecreat ional prog ram ,,, ill utili ze
40- 50 youth in a six week train ing pr ogram to wo rk with v ar i o us
childre n prog r aas ( ages 5-11) in c l uding pl ayg r ounds , tutoring , story
t elling etc . _ A group of 10 t eens (ages 15-17) and a young adu l t
l eader ui ll work as a t ei.'\i:1 in areas. _The· pr o j ect w.ill ·last for
ap proximate l y 7 ~ eeks .
Bu dger Re qu 2s t
$10, ir6 7. 28
"Hi Ne ighbor"
An inte r cultur a l, recr ea tional, educ a tion program designed for
60 children age s 6-12 fr om low cost h ou s ing with wo rk i,ng par ents.
Specific activity includ es : group g ame s, folk dancin g , hikes, nature
exporation, cook outs, and day camp. Duration of proj e ct - 5 weeks .
Budg e t Re qu e st
Project A - Twili ght Enrichmen t Program
This cultural, recr e ational, educational, group guidance and
leadership de ve lo r,:irr:e nt project is des igne d to h e lp y outh enrich their
social and spiritual lives in the Vine city, Simpson, Beckwith, Fair
and Walnut Stree t area s . The project will attempt to help 45 prete ens (6-12) and 35 te ~nagers (13-16). The specific activity will
include day camp activity. Dur ation of program - approximately 8
, weeks .
Budiet Requ e st
$6, 400
Project B - Teenag e Job Pr e par atio~ Clinic at Pe rr v Home s
Thi s pilot project is desin J ed for 50-60 females, 13-16 years
o f age. The activiti e s will includ e intensive leadership training
in pr e pa ration for j obs; how to apply; job inter v iews, and holding
a job. ~he y will also be g i ve n a s si s tanc e in findin g job pla ce ments. Duration of proj e ct
Budget Requ e st
$9,3 20
Exp a nd ed and Nei:-1 Se r v i ces
This edu q itiona l, emp lo yu1e nt, r e cre ation a l, and cultu r al pr og r am
- is d es i gne d t o mee t th e ne e ds of bo ys and g irls 6 - 21. Pr ogram
acti v iti es inc lu de s a s i x week t rai ni ng pr og r a~ f or 11th and 12th
grade s, inc l ud i ng c raft sk ill s , c amp sk ills, so as to be · abl e · to wo rk
with s ma ll e r ch il dr e n i n c a~p si tuat i ons. Dur 2. ti on - 10 weeks .
Bud ge t Re que st
Summer Day Ca~ and Teenage E~ployme nt Program
This is a reGre ationa l, cultural and educatiori~l projec t
designe d to utili ze 20 girls ages 16-21 to become day c amp Junior
Counselor s for younger g irls ages 6-14. The proj ect will serve
approx i mately 558 gir l s in th e Kirbv·ood Area by providing home maker training, singing , dancing , craft~, field trips, swimming,
and evening r ecreation programs for older girls.
Budge t Request
This pr oj ect is designed to meet some of the employment, recreational, educational and cultural needs of 412 gir l s scouts ages
7-17 in day c amp activities. The project will last about 11 weeks.
Budget Request
, ·.
Kirkwood Are a Day Camp
This proj ec t is design to prov ide r ecrea t ion for app roximately
550 boys and gir l s ages 6 -12 wi th day camp activities. These
activitie s will include crafts, archery , nature s tudy , swirnrning and
movies. The project will l a st about 12 we e ks .
Budget Re ques t
$10, 852
A 12 week progr am de sign_e d to prov ide r e creat ional a ctivitie s
for s ome 500- 600 you t h of both s exe s age s 8-18. The proj ec t will
al so hire one youth work er in each local conmmnity t o work und e r
the l oc a l su pe rv i s or . Activ iti e s for the project wi ll consist of
softba ll , h or sesh oe , baske tb a ll, badmi nton , ba s eba ll, voll ey ball,
and croque t.
Budge t Re qu es t


$4 , 602 . 20
SuwJ,,e r Cu l t ur a l Enr i chme nt Program
Program des i g ned to prov i de emp l oymen t, e du ca ti on , a nd recre ationa l a ct i v i ties · i n t he f or m o f d ay c am~s fo r 300 - 400 youth ( ages
7~12) pe r d ay . The pro j ec t wi l l u t ili ze indigenous t eenagers age
16 a nd above to s u perv i se the ac t~vi ty. Duration - approx i mate l y
11 weeks.
Budge t Reque st
__ $35,53 3 . 49
Pitts burg Corm.,unit y ' s Work, Educ a tion, Recrea tion Program
Th is pilo t progr a~ i s des i gned t o ut i li ze you t h in a commun i ty
beauti f i cat i on p rogram as we ll as prov ide manpower fo r e x i sting
r e crea tiona l f ac iliti es . The pr oj e ct will emp l oy 20 ma l e s age d
15-20 in the Beau t if ic at i on Program, six fema l e t eam managers age
14- 20 and t hree ma l e l eag~e planne rs wil l be employed t o c arry on
Li t tle Le ague Activi t i e s . The pro j e ct wil l a l so prov i de h omemaker
training for girl s 9-1 7. Duration - 12 weeks .
Budge t Reque s t
Th is c omp r ehe nsive empl oyment a nd r e c reat i on pro j e ct wi ll attemp t to
mee t the n ee ds tif 10 , 000 boys in seve r a l Boys ' Cl ubs in the c ity
age s 6- 18 : The pro j ec t will empl oy a numbe r o f youth age s 16- 21 to
plan a nd de ve l op p ro g r ar.1s f or areas s e r ved. Summe r ac tiv it ies wi ll
inc lude group clubs , d a nc i ng , cook ing , music apprecia t i on , pu ppe try ,
photogr aphy art , des k he lp , h a ndi cr af t , drama , ceramt .cs , and wood
work . Dura tion - appro x i ma t e l y 12 weel(s.
Bu dge t Re qu e s t
$103 , 609 . 92
St or v Te ll in2 Courses
Th i s educ a tiona l progr am i s de s i g ne d t o pr ov id e e ff ec i ency for
Stor y Te l l e r to be u sed dcr i ng t he surrr.T,e r in variou s r ec r eatio2
prbg r ams. The pro j ect wil l prov i de 12 cour s es ut i li z ing 20 en r o ll ees
f or a 8 week pe riod . Du rat i on - 8 we eks .
Budge t · Reques t
$2 ,9 79 . 50
SuTirrne r Resident Camp
The program propos es to e.:1p ioy 5 youth in summe r resident camp
as cabin c ounse lo rs , kitchen he lp ers and as ma int enanc e pe rsonne l.
The progr am wi ll prov ide c amp experience for 300 youth be t ween the
ages of 7-16. Activi ty will incl~de mu~ic, painting, ~r ama , and a
tuto ria l prog r am . Dur a tion - 3 weeks .
Budget Re quest
Educ a t ion and lo vrr:e nt
A work-study _seminar-_to be conducted at resident camp for 12
high school grad~ates from poverty back~rounds. The activity of t he
seminars wil l consist of information tha t would be applicab l e to
college entrance, discu ss ion on cur rent social events, etc. Duration
of project - 12 weeks.
Budge t Reque st
Work Iri5entive De mons trat ion Progy:E!
This proj ec t is designed to s erve 100 men between the' a ge s o f
16-21 in a work incentive program wi th th e hope of emp l oyment after
complet ion of the project. Duration - 2 weeks.
Budge t Request
$11,01 8 . 59
Camp I mp r ove~ent Pr o iect
This emp lOyment progri3.rn is designed to u t ilize 90 youth between
the a ges of 16-21. The youth wi ll be involved in 3 ~eeks of camp s ite
imp roverr,e nt o f the Butler Stre e t Y:'ICA ' s Lake All atoon2. Campsit e .
Ac tiviti e s wil 1 includ e wint e r i•z a tion of exi s ting camp stru cture s ,
l andscaping a~d water f ront imp r ov ement .
$17,7 80 . 92
Bud get Re que s t
Ext ended S•,1i c!'£Li.. ng
To prov i de swim...,.1i ng activ i t i es f or s o~e 195 boy s
be·t wee-n th e age s of 7-1 6 . Duration 12 wee ks .
Budge t Reques t
2. .:-id
gir l s
$4 ,129 . 80
T'l--1 i s pr(,gra.:-rr ~: i l 1- ~tte:r::pc to fulfill t>~ r e c r ~ =. tion n-~·2(:s o:E 6G0
b et:~-.'2 :~:1 the 2~g:::: s o f 14 -1 8 .
P._c t i1.-itles c onsisting oE s~·/ i :-r-r:1 i ng ,
you t h
d anc ing , a r ts & c ra f t s , s l id2 pr esentat i ons , sin~ing, danci ng , and
tal ent s:t:.-1 .~: ::, 04 i l l t.e ca.1-·(-Led rr for ~2 ~-:e2k.s .
1: 1
$ 14 , 2Sl! . 9 5
Kirkwood Swi mming Cl ass
This pr ogram will pro vid e sHim.ming activities for 50 youth ages
Dur a tion - approxi mate l y 12 weeks .
7-12 in school.
Budget Request
This proj ect will provide a number of plays for recr eat ional
programs throu ghout the cit y .
Budget Request
This pro gram is designed to p rov i de some of the recreational
ne e d s oi"Atlanta youth between t he age s 5-11. The Acade my wi ll
prod uce fi ve shows (Circ us ) per we ek jor a s i x we e k pe rio d. The
Th e atr e c a n handle 180 kids pe r performance .
Bud get Requ e st
· $39,3 61
This p r ogr am ho pe s to provi ae tut ori a l, and cultural enrichmen t
prog r a1t1s including t y pi ng, re ad i ng , bas eb al 1, fa s hio n shows anci e cc. for
600-7 00 yout h age s 5-20.

Bud get Re que st
Ne chan i csv i l l e· Sur,·u--:1-.: r Pro i e c t - Edu cat i o~J
Thi s pr og r ara wil l b e ope r at e d ou t of t he Pryo r St r e et Sch oo l.
Re c r ea t i on and ed uc a t i o n ne ed s during th e suaae r mon t hs . La r ge
a~o~ n t o f youth t o be h i red . Cit y Sc hoo ls doin g a bo u t th e s a ~e.
The ~i o j ect will ru n 3 mont h s .
Bud ge t Req ue s::
Keen Teens
Progr am to work wit h hard co re youth . Youth working with
youth. Cl ean up cr ews , r ec ruiting for other projects, etc. Good
project - hi gh employment.
Budg e t Reques t
This uniqu e work-r ecreation proj e ct will utiliz e 2OO · youth and
young adults, male and fe male ages 16-21 in a. program to u pgrade
their conmunity . Activities will include cl ean ing streets, alleys,
empty lots, and rodent control .
Budg et Requ e s t
A compr ehensi ve employ111e nt, r ecreat ion, education, and cultur a l
~reject to serve 20 , 000 youth ma l e an d female of all ages in th e SumMee Area . Activities will include tutorial, t y ping~ filmstrips,
drama , ·~o uns e 1 ing , field trip s , etc.
Budg e t Re quest
Operation Ti ~ht e n Up
This pr ogram i s designed to s e r v e s ome 7,00 0 te e n age a nd y oung
adults ages 13- 25 in a mu lti- pur pos e youth progr am . The p~=gram
will emp l oy a numbe r of ind ige nour youth a nd young adults . Activities
will include l ectur e s , tour s , you th f orums, developr,1 e nt of youth
busine ss, gene ral sports (in do or an d out of doors , and cr e a ti ve
games .
Bud ge t Reque s t
"S ock It To ~-,e"
- ··· An er;,pl oyue nt pro j e c t d~s i gr: 2 d to s e r ve 1,00 0 ma l e a n d f em.2. le
a ge s 13- 25 i n a n i nte ns i v e p r ogr a~ of tr ai ni ng and counse li ng . Lead
t e e n age r s a~d pr o fes s io nal s will wor ~ 3i t h t eenage r s who h a ve no
wo r k h i sto ::- / a s "p ee r Gr oup Coun se l or s. Du ra t io n of pr o j e c t a pp r o~i~a te l y 12 wee k s .
Surmner Activiti es Prog r am
A r ecreational , educational , cultural enrichment progrcun will
s erve approximatel-y 5,400 persons of all ages. Employing _____
youth in di versif i ed jobs: Act i v iti es f or this pro gram wi ll include
ind oor and out of door recreation, arts and crafts, h ead start, trips
to int erest i ng pl a ces,· neighborhood cle§=m tips. Duration - a pproxima t e l y
11 weeks .
Budget Request
This r ecreationa l and educational will serve approximately 9,000
youth both male · encl f e;;,a ie of al l ages who r es i de in l ow-i ncome·
com.m unities . The pr o ject will utili ze 60 poor youth as you th assis tant s and 9 young adults. Activities for the project wi ll include
sports, arts and crafts, daily personal grooming , tri ps and excurs i ons ,
ceramics and diversified "playground progr ams . Dura t i on - 12 weeks .
Budget Reques t
. ·.
This project wi ll co ver t he four target areas in the city. It
is designed to meet the r e creational needs of 5,000 pe rsons of all
ages . The proj ect wil l employ 8 youth and young adu lt s from each
of th e area blbcks. Ac ti v ities will inc lude sports , playground
acti v i Ei~s, arts and crafts, cer anics , sewing , personal hygiene and
grooming , trips and e xcusions , t een pr ograras , s en ior citizen progr am ,
sw i ITl!-ning and pre- schoo l pr ograms . Durat i on 8 weeks
Budget Request
Sumne r Cr ash Recr eat ion Proj_ect
Thi s uniqu e pi l ot project will utiliz e six youth from th e area
The proj ect wi ll ser ve 24
mentally r e t ar ded childr en by providing daily mental and ph ys ical
acti v iti es . Duration - 9 weeks .
t o work with mentally r e tard e d children .
Budgel Request
A comprehensive erap loyment , recre at iona l, educ,a tional and
cultural prog ra:-:i des i gned to employ a number of youth and young
adults for the purpos e of supe rvising group activ ities. The program wi ll s erve a total of 500 persons ages 6-25. Activities for
this program wil l includ e tutoria l in reading and gr ade improvement ,
___arts and cra f ts, Neg ro history, story h~urs , dan ce instruction,
sport s·, playg round activities, trips and swirrrrning. Duration 10
Budget Request
A unique program designe d to take 100 boys and gir l s in the
Peopl estown - Sur:-.;,1erh ill area to J e kyll Isl a nd for one week in an
attempt to replace a slum se tt ing with a memorable experience of a
world the y have neve r known. Activities for this program will include recreation and counse ling . Af ter returning, these youth will
be engaged in a 7 week remedial re ad ing progr am . Du r ation - 8 weeks .

A comprehe nsive emp loyme n t, r ec r ea t ion, e duc ation and cultural
enri chmen t program to serve about 6,000 yo ung children , both mal e
and f emal e . The project will emp loy 20 tee n l eaders to be divid ed
amoung the four ce n ters . Pr6j ec t act i vit i es will i nclude field trips ,
pers ona l hygiene , sewing class e s; clas se s in water and hunting
safety , fir st aid , body care , drana, and nrusical gr oups . Dur ation approx i raate l y 10 we e ks .
Bud get Re'1 uest
Thi s e:nr loyrr.-2 nt , r e cre8.tion2 l and cu l tural enr i chmen t pro gra~,,_
i s designed to se rve a numb2r of youth i n t he are2 _ T~ pro j ect
~i ill--e ~!) l oy a nu mber of youth t o d oo rdic12te and super,,eise r ecreati.ona l
a nd e nriclcen t pr ogra:-o·,s ( ages 17-1 8 ). Act i vities wil l incl ude base ba ll, basketba l l , volly~a ll, soccer , s tory hours, 2nd t rips .
Du r at ion · - 1 3 ,-~eeks .
Bud ge t R2ques l
"Project Uplift "
The project will provide educ a tion and recreafion a l acti~ities
for 300 youth , young adult s , a nd Se nior Citiz e ns . The pro j ect will
employ 15 junior lead e rs (16-21) fro m the area t o provi de lead e r s hip
for children, youth and Se nior Citizens. Aciivities will include Negro history, basic edu,:: a t ion i mpr ovem·e nt, tours, arts and cr a fts ,
dance , s,-, im..u ing, sports, movi e s, track and field events , and instrumental music . Duration - 3 we eks
Budget Requ e st
Edgewo od - East Lake You t h Summe r Re cr ea tion Program
This summer recr e a tional prog r am will serve about 500 youth of
all age s . Activities wiil includ e - s ewing, crafts, stamp collecting ,
guitar l e ssions , piano les s ion s , d anc e , wood work, and sports.
Duration - approxima tely 9 wee k s .
Budget Requ es t
Edgewo od - Kir b -rn od Skati n$ Proi e ct
A pr ogram to prov id e s k a tin g activitie s for 200 you th and young
adult s a ge s 6-25. The pr o j e ct will e mploy 12 young ad u lts fro m th e
co1rnnuni ty. Du rat ion
appr ox ima t e ly 10 wee ks.
Bud get Re qu e st
ROCKDALE C01..:YIY EOA Ai'iD RECR?.:ATIO;; c o:,.rr i'I SSI ON
The proj e ct will pr ov i d~ r e cr eat i ona l, ed ucati ona l~ a nd cultu ra l
activi t i e s for s ome 600 you t h and young adults . The p ro j e c t will
e mp lo y 30 t a r ge t area yo u th t o su pe r v i s e t he ac ti v iti es as t ea che r
aid e s, g r ound ke epers , eq ui pme n t ma na ge r s an d con c essio n wor ke r s .
Ac ti v iti e s will in c lud e s ports , art s a nd cr af ts, dr a ma , an d a c ti ng .
Du ra ti on - 12 wee ks .
Budge t Req ues t
Thi s pr oj e c t wi ll pr od uce thr ee or r;.or- e p l a :,'s to be prese n t e d
on a r.10 '.Ji l e t he at re fa c ili t y t o f: ot'r EO~\ t 2:..-ge t a rea s . The pro j ect
·wi ll s e r ·,1 e. _ _ _ _
a du l t s i r~ t he ~ l a.~~.n i~tg
I t v.:o u l d c m~ loy - --·-- - - --- y out ft a od y ct..:ng
p r~) j 2C t .
D::;r.:;.t i c n - S ~-1,2 eks .
PAT Y (Pr{c e Aid to Ybuth)
This project will attempt to prepare 100 yout h ages 14 -24 for
employment . . Its activities wil l i nc lu de r ecreation , counseling,
tutoring, and recrui tment a ctivi ti es. Duration 12 weeks.
Budge t Request .
Recr eatioE~ Er.1plo v:nent and Enrichmen t Program
The Cit y 's ·programs ~vil l provide a diversity of recreational
and enrichment programs for youth and .Senior Cit izens through out
th~ metropolitan area. It will se rve approximately 21,000 persons
during th e sumn,er. It will employ 336 poor youth. Activities to
be off e r ed :
C~e a tive Rhytmics
Softb a ll
Vally Ball
Camp Cr afts
Pho tography
Music Appreciation
Team Sports
Weight Training
Day Camp
Wood work
Baton Less on
Cheer. Leading
Tract & Field
Pupp etry
Field Trip s
Te en Dances
Modern and Tap dance
Dur a tio n - 12 weeks
Budget Request
This progr am will b2 t o fin d and h e l? young girls in findi ng
work - c ar ing for youth, etc . This is only proj ect working with
u nwed mot he rs.
Bud ge t Req uest

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