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Meeting, Thursday, July 24, 1969
Aldermanic Chamber, Second Floor , Ci ty Hall, 2:00 P. M.
An Application f or a Special Use Permit for a church to be located
at MACON DRIVE, f ronting 40 feet on the east side of Macon Dri ve, S.W.,
beginning 31 6 .5 f e~t north from the corner of Bromack Drive, S.W.
Depth appro x i ma t ely 624 feet. Land Lot 70, 14th Di strict,
Fulton County, Georgia.
Mrs . Thelma Lois Mo r gan, Owner
New Hope Baptist Church - Appl i cant
Propos ed Use - Church
(Planning Board, adverse r ecommenda t ion)
iffaZ-69 - 93-S
An Ordi nance to r e zone from A-1-C (Apartme nt-Conditional) Di strict
to C-1 (Commerc i al) Di s tr i ct, prop ert y located at the Northeast
corne r of OLD HAPEVILLE ROAD a nd CLEVELAND AVENUE , S. W., fronting
200 f ee t on the nor th s ide o f Cleve l a nd Avenue, S .W., beg inning
0 fe e t fro m t he nor theast c orne r of Old Hapeville Ro a d.
Depth 456 fe e t . Are a 92,00 0 square fe e t. Land Lot 69, 14th
Di strict, Fulton County, Georgi a .
Dr . Rob e rt B. Hodgson, Owner-App l i cant
Proposed Us e - Off ice & Se rv i c e Sta tion
(Plann i ng Boa r d, advers e r e commend ation)
iffaZ-69-91 - S
An Or d i na nc e t o re zone from R- 4 (Re si dential) District to
A-1 - C (Apart me nt- Conditiona l) Di s trict , pro perty loca t ed at
2965 BROHNS MI LL ROAD, S .E. , fr onti ng 78 . 2 f e et on the west
s i de of Browns Mi l l Road , begi nni ng 930 fe e t fro m the
s out hwest corne r of Spri ngside Dr i ve . De pth 1,024 feet .
Area approximat~ly 78 ,0 00 square fe et . La nd Lot 61 ,
14th Di stri c t, Fulton County , Georgi a.
William T. St anfie ld , Owne r
Robert A. Young - Appli c a nt
Proposed Us e - Apartment s
(Planning Board, adverse r.e commendat_i on) ·
An Ordinance to rez one fr om R-4 (Residential )D i s tr i c t to A-1
(Apar t ment) Di strict, property lo cated at 311 6 BROHNS MILL
ROAD , f r on ti ng 251. 5 feet on t he northeast side o f Browns
Mill Road , beg inning 500 . 7 feet from the no r theast co r ner
of Humph r ies Dr ive . Depth va r ie s . _Area 23 . 3 ac r e s . Land
Lot s 35 & 62 , 14t h Di s t r i ct , Fult on County , Georg i a .
Ruby All e ne Brooks & W. T . Atkinso n, Owne r s
B &. H Compa ny - Applican t
Propo s ed Us e - Apa rt me nt s
(Planning Board, adve r s e recomme ndati on)
1/Z- 69-89-S
Page· 2
July 24, 1969
·An Ordinance to rezone from A-1 (Apartment) Di strict to C-1
(Commercial) District, property located at J ONESBORO ROAD,
fronting 652.5 feet on the southwesterly side of Jonesboro
Road, beginn i ng 707.06 feet f ro m the southwe st corner of
Macedonia Road. Depth 1048.43 feet. Area 16.4 acres .
La nd Lot 34, 14th District , Fulton County, Georgia.
The Mi litary Corpo r ation, Owner
Theodore G. Frankel - Applicant
Proposed Use - Shopp i ng Center & Office Park
(Planning Board, favor able recommendation as amended to C-1-C)
An Or dinance to r e zone f rom R-4 (Re s i dent ia l) District to A-2
(Apartment) District, property loca ted at 2946 & 2954 HAPEVILLE
ROAD, S.H. , f r onting 192 feet on the east side of Ha pevi lle
Road, S. W. , beginning 389 fe e t from the northeast corner of
Mt. Zi on Road. Dep th 293.4 f eet . Ar ea 56,208 s quar e fee t.
La nd Lot 68 , 14 th Di st rict , Ful to n County , Georgi a .
Benj ami n F . Ma rti n, Owner-App lica nt
Pr opo sed Use - Apartme nts
(Planning Boar d, adverse recomme ndation)
!IU- 69- 30- S
An Applica t io n fo r a Spe c ia l Us e Permi t fo r a Day Nur s ery to be
located at 3825 ADAMSVILLE DRIVE, S.W. , fronting 100 f ee t on the
no rth s i de of Adams vi lle Dr i ve, S.W . , begi nni ng 393 . 7 fe e t east
f rom the cor ner o f Woodstock Drive. Depth 200 feet. La nd Lot
14 , 14th FF Dis t ric t , Fulton Count y, Georgi a.
Emma Hunt (Renfroe), Owner
Doris Stri ck land - App l icant
Pr opos ed Us e - Day Nu rsery
(Planning Board, favor able r ecommendation)


An App l i cat io n f o r a Spe c i al Us e Permi t f or a Nur sing Home to
be located at 120 LINE ROAD, S. W. , fr onting 252 feet o n the
e ast side of Li ne Roa d, be ginni ng 680 f eet no r th from the
co r ner o f Br anch Dr ive. D~pth 698 fe et. Land L6t 13, ·
14 t h Dis t ric t , Ful t on County , Georgia
ABDEC , I nc . , Owner- Appl icant
Propos ed Use - Nursi ng home
(Pla nning Boar d, favorable r ecomme ndation)

Z- 69 - 85 - S

An Or dinance to rezone from R-5 (Res ident ial) and A- 1 (Apartment)
Di s t r icts to C- 1 (Commercial) Di stri ct, prope rty l ocate d at
STEWART AVENUE, fronting 131 fe et on t he e a s t s ide of Stewart
Avenue , b egi nning O feet from t he north c orner o f Grant Stree t .
Depth 218 feet . Area 14,25& swuare f eet . La nd Lot 90, 14t h
Dist r i ct, Fulton County, Georgia .
Carrie Blake, Ow ner
C. M. Mcche s ney ,- Appl i ca nt
Proposed Use - Service Station
(Planning Board , favorab l e recommendation)
Page 3
July 24, 1969
An Ordinance to rezone from R-3 (Residential) District to
C-1 (Commercial) District, property located at 1955
CAMPBELLTON ROAD, fronting 260.7 feet on the north side
of Campbellton Road, beginning O feet from the northeast
corner of Honeysuckle Lane. Depth 212.1 feet. Area
approximately 66,000 square feet. Land Lot 168, 14th
District, Fulton County, Georgia.
Perry Boulevard, Inc., Owner-Applicant
Proposed Use - Service Station
(Planning Board, favorable recommendation)
An Ordinance to rezone from C-L (Commercial-Limited) District
to C-1 (Commercial) District, property located at 2860
CAMPBELLTON ROAD, S.W., fronting 120 feet on the south
side o f Campbe llton Road, beginning 293 feet from the
east corner of Naxwe ll Drive. Dep th 340 feet. Area
33,000+ · square feet. Land Lot 218, 14th D~strict, Fulton
County, Georgia.
Ellis Maloof, Owner-Applicant
Proposed Use - Car Wash
(Planning Board, favorable recomme ndat i on)
An Application for a Specia l Use Permit for a Car Wash and
Service Station, to . be located at 2360 CAMPBELLTON ROAD, S .H.,
fronting 120 feet on the south side of Campbel lton Road ,
beginning 293 f ee t east fro1:1 the corne r of Maxwe ll Drive.
Depth 340 feet. Land Lot 218 , 14th Di s trict, Fulton County,
Ellis Maloo f, Owner-Appli ca nt
Proposed Use - Car Wash & Servi ce Station
(Planning Board , favo rab l e recommendation)


An Ordi nance to re zone from R-4 (Residential) Di5trict to
A-1 (Apartme nt) District, p r operty located at FAIRBURN
ROAD, S.W., fronting 100 feet on the west side o f Fairburn
Road, beginning 720 feet ,ram the . south ~orne r of . qarrison
Drive . De pth 800± feet. Area 236,013 square feet. Land
Lot 8, 14th FF District, Ful ton County, Georgia.
D. E. Norr is, Owner
E. Lane Brown-Applicant
Proposed Use - Apartments
(Planning Board, adverse recommendation)

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