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Steering Committee Co-chairmen: Andrew Heiskell / A. Philip Randoiph

November 15, 1967

Dear Friend:

On August 24, 1967, 1,200 leaders of American life met in
Washington at an Emergency Convocation called by The Urban
Coalition. The Coalition, representing business and the
professions, organized labor, religion, civil rights groups
and local government, was established in response to the’
urgent need for action in behalf of the nation's cities.

The enclosed Statement of Principles, Goals, and Commitments
adopted by The Urban Coalition identifies specific problem
areas and appeals to both the public and private sector for
action to meet these needs. The Coalition has created Task
Forces--one of which is the Task Force on Private Employment--
to focus on the individual problem areas. Expanding employ-
ment opportunities for the hard-core unemployed has been given
top priority by the Coalition. The Task Force on Private
Employment is holding a series of Regional Planning Conferences
to discuss this difficult and complex problem.

The first conference is scheduled to be held at the Atlanta-
American Motor Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia on December 13, 1967.
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr. and the Chamber of Commerce of Atlanta
will be the hosts. We hope your schedule will permit you to
join us in this most important project.

Other conferences are planned for Phoenix, Arizona on January
17, 1968 and Kansas City, Missouri on January 24, 1968. We
are enclosing a list of states covered by each of the confer-
ences. It would be most helpful if you would supply us with
the names and addresses of appropriate affiliates in these
states so we may extend an invitation to them. In the mean-
time, we hope you will communicate your interest and support
of this endeavor to these officials.

National Coordinators. John Feild | Ron M. Linton
Telephone 293-1530

November 15, 1967 Page Two

We would appreciate your notifying this office no later than
December 4, 1967 if you will be able to join us in Atlanta;
also, if you desire accommodations for the evening of Decem-
ber 12, 1967.

We expect to forward further details on the program in the
near future.

— gf f

Ee dh Che

Ron M. Linton John Feild

National Coordinator National Coordinator


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