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At a meeting of the Human Resources Development Group on Friday (Nov. 3),
ideas were discussed and some decisions made as to how the group should proceed
in development and use of the slide presentation dealing with unemployment and
These were the main points of agreement:
1. The presentation is being screened for Mayor Allen and a few others in a
meeting at City Hall on Wednesday afternoon (Nov. 8) at 3 p. m. The presentation
will be evaluated as to its usefulness for showing to the Urban Coalition meeting here
on December 13.
2. Provided there is agreement, the presentation would be shown following lunch
at the Coalition meeting, and it would be critiqued by the group afterwards. Ideas,
conclusions and ways to improve and refine the presentation would be sought.


3. Meanwhile, as a member of the Group, I will see that ·the presentation is
brought to other local groups and individuals, as indicated (advisory groups and
committees of Economic Opportunity, etc.) and will seek the same thing: Ways
of refining it and filling in some of the gaps. Dan Sweat and I will later bring recommendations back to the group, as to possible changes and/or expansion of the
presentation itself, and as to its future use in our community.
Members of the Human Resources Development Group recognize the presentation
for what it is: A beginning effort in need of some answers and conclusions. It would
be presented to the Coalition in that manner, in hopes of accomplishing two purposes:
To serve as an illustration of one effort against this problem, as well as a laboratory
exercise for the Coalition group; and to seek fresh insight and ideas from the critique.
Respectfully submitted,
Curtis H. Driskell


November 7, 1967

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