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November 6, 1967
Mr. Mel Cotton
The Urban C oalition
1819 H Street , N . W .
Suite 220
Washington ,_ D . C . 20006
Dear Mel :
I am submitting a few of my thoughts on what the Private Employment
T sk Force meeting might look like in Atlanta on December 13 .
I would hope that w would be able to complete worksbop sessions in
rning a.nd end in a general session with late lunch without
reconv ning for workshop sessions in the aftel'tloon. With ev ry workshop conference I have attended-, including the recent Coalition me ting
in Chicago, we have alw ys lost oux udience in the fternoon and I
believe this would b the case in Atlanta wh re you re involving key
bu inessmen.
I would suggest st ;r,tin
bout 9; 30 with gen r
ae ion with welcome
remni,ks by the M yor nd a keynote stage setting addr as by Phillippe,
H nry F ord 011 someone ot thl order .
Woi-kshop sessions would convene bout 10:30 or 11:00 nd run until
12: 30. These might be broken into two workshop periods for each
rticipant. Luncheon would b gin bout 12:45 with the progr m to
commence bout 1:30 or 1:45.
l would Uk to see th Atlant colot slide pre ntation on rn power
p:ro ,:am.s, pl'oblem • tc. pr ,sented by th key Chamb r of c
official with m ybe time £or a few qu stlon or comments from th
fiooi- £ollo lng this. Thi would t e about 45 minutes total. We
might w nt to pass out sorn c::ritiqu
he ts to b filled out and
_tu1tned glvln a ch nee for expJ- • lons Ol' comment on the film
pr s ntation.
�Mr.· Cotton
Page Two
November· 6, 1967
The conference could close with a hard-hitting speech by Phillippe or
Ford. Possibly the keynote speech in the morning should be designed
to tell · bout some of the things that al"e happening in private industry
in connection with Coalition efforts throughout the counh.·y.
l would also like to see diocussion of the Step Pi-ogram of the National
Assad tion of ManufactureJ:'e wo.rked into the pt'og:ram. This possibly
could be done in the workshops .
Ple se let us know what steps you want us to take next.
Sincer ly yours,
D n Sweat

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