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Box 15, Folder 13, Document 32

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December 13 , 1967
Atlanta , Ge org i a
Co - Cha irme n
Gera ld L. Phillippe
Chairman of the Boa rd
General El e ctr i c Company
New York
David Su l liva n
Presid e n t
Building Se r vice Emp l oye e s
I nt er n ati o na l Unio n AF L- CI O
Washing ton
John Whe e l e r
Preside nt
Me c h a nics & Farmers
Ba nk
Durha m, North Car o l ina
WORKSHOP A (Augus t a Room)
chairman: John L. De nma n, Manage r , De pt . of Urban Affai rs, Ford Motor Co .
Resource Persons: Will iam Down s , Assoc i a t e Se r v i c e s, I n c.; Dayton Harwi ck ,
Emp l o yee a nd Community Re la tions , Ge n eral El e ctric Co.;
Dr . Lawre nc e D. Re d d ick, Exe cutive Di re ctor, Opportuni t ies I nd u s t ria l i z ation Ce nt e r I n s titut e
WORKSHOP B (Brun s wi c k Room)
Cha irman : Harold Shepa r d : W. E . Upjohn In s t i tu t e for Employme nt Res earch
Res o u rce Pe r s o ns : Paul R. Thomson , Manager , Employee & Community Re lations,
Ge neral El ec t ric Co . ; Samuel Da ni e l s, As s ociate Directo r,
Counc i l for Eq ua l Bus i ness Oppor tun i ty; Don Gar~is, Vi ce
President , Sears Roe buck Foun d ation
WORKSHOP C (Columbus Room)
Chairman : Dr. He n ry Bre nne r, Personnel Manager , Xe r ox Corporation
Resourc e Persons: Ce c i l Al exa nder , Finch , Al exande r, Bar n es , Roth s child &
- Paschal , Ar c hitects ; Berkeley G. Burre l l , Pr eside nt,
Na t iona l Bu s i ness League ; Ken Howa rd , I ndust rial Re lation s , Ea s tman Kodak Co .
WORKS HOP D (Sect i on A Conve nti on Hall)
Chai r man : Rodney Aus t in , Personnel Manager , Reynolds Tobacco Co .
Re s our ce Persons : Dr . Louis Kishkunas , Assistant Superintendent, OVT
Educa t ion , Pit tsburgh; Adolph Holmes, Assistant Director ,
Eco nomi c Development and Employment National Urban
League , Inc . ; James J . Forth, Ma1~ge~ Employee and
Commu n ity Relations, General Electric Co.

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