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REQUIREMENT. The Workable Program requires clear evidence that the community provides and continues to
expand, opportunities for citizens, especiall y tho se who are poor and members of minority
groups, to participate in all phases of the related HUD-assisted renewal and housing programs. The particular organizational means for community involvement is left to the discretion of each community, but the community mu s t demon s trate in its Workable Progra m submission that it provides clear and direct access to decision making, relevant and timely information, and necessary technical assistance to participating groups and individuals in programs
1. (a) Identify the groups participating in the HUD-assisted programs related to the Workable Program and in
the community's program to expand the supply of low- and moderate-income hou sing.
(b) Describ e the type of groups (e.g. civic, neighborhood, hous ing) that are participating, and the constituency repre sented (e.g. poor, middle-class, Negro, public hous ing res idents ) •
• 18 •
�HUD·! 081
(c) Describe what pa rticular HUD-ass is ted programs and proj ects s uch groups a re parti ci pating in .

(d) Desc ribe efforts to achi eve coordination among cit.izen participation structures loc ated in the same area
or having s imilar program inte res ts.
- 19 -
2. Describe the arrange ments or working re lations hips s et up to provide groups a nd indi vidua ls opportunities
for access to a nd partici pa tion in deci s ion-making in the a ppli cabl e HUD-ass isted progra ms •

3. Des cribe the s te ps whi ch have been taken in regard to the applicable programs to provide participating
groups a nd individua ls s uffi c ie nt information a nd techni ca l ass is tance .
4. Des cribe the nature a nd range of issues re lating to the applicable programs with whi ch participa ting groups
and individua ls have dealt; the recommenda tions s ubs eque ntly made; and the s pec ific res ul ts and accomplis hments of the partic ipa tion.
• 20 U. S. GOVERNMENT P RINTING OFFICE: 1068 0 - 327 - 649

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