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November 30, 1967
TLA1'TA , GA. 30303
Tel. 522-4463 Area Code 404
R. EAR L LANDE RS, Ad minist rative Assi sti nt
MRS. ANN M. MOSES, Exe cutive Secretar y
DAN E. SWEAT, JR. , Director of Governmenta l lia ison
T o : Members of Urban Co alition Ste er ing Committee
Fron-i : D an S weat,.

Enclos ed is a letter of invi tat ion and program conc erning the
D ecembe r 13 meeting o f the Task Force on Private Employme nt
of the National Urb an Co alition .
I hope that all of yo u can make your plans to att end t his importa~ t
confe r en ce.
We might need to ask members o f the S tee rin g C ommittee to
actively parti~ipate i n the workshops as part of panel discussion s .
If this sho ul d be the c ase, I w i ll notify you at the ea rliest possibl e
moment .
I am also attachin g a letter from Mr . M . C. G ettinge r, E xe cutive
Dir e ctor of the Atlanta Jewish Welfare Federation, Inc., w hich
is a newly formed central a ge ncy involving the A t lanta J ewish
Co m m unity Coun cil , the J e wi s h W e l fa r e Fun d an d th e J ewish S o ci a l
Service Fed e ration . As Mr . Gettin g er' s l e tter states, th e
F e d e ration r e pr e s e n t s virtually all th e adult Jewish or gan i zations
in Atlan ta and would be the most a p p ro p riat e r e pres e ntative of all
the Jewish organizations on the Urban C oalition Ste e rin g Commi ttee .
S e v e ral or ganiz a tions a nd m a ny i n dividual s hav e call e d my a t tenti o n
to t h e fa ct that t h e Je w ish com1nunity is not repres e nte d o n t he
St ee ring Commi ttee and I feel that the Steering Comm ittee s hould
g iv e so me thou gh t t o i nvitin g M r. Ab e Goldstein, Pr e side nt o f the
A tlanta J e wish W e lfa r e F e d e ration, In c., to serve a s a men-ib e r o f
t he Stee ring Com1nitte e.
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