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Box 16, Folder 1, Document 13

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5863 Lake Forrest Drive
Atlanta, Georgia
September 6, 1966
ayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
I am pr oud, as a citizen of Atlanta , of y our pers onal courage
and action today. It appear s not only to be a 11 hot day 11 but
rather a power struggle betwe en Black fower or wavering black
p ovrer f or ces with r esp onsible black and whd>te citizens in between.
I applaud y our courage and y ou have my support in what methods
pos sible t o discourage the irresponsible e limate , and to encourage
responsible citizens to help this wavering black power element
rea l ize that the only true progress for this ci ty, and as a
result its citizens , can be achieved through responsi ble leadership and law and order f or its citizens.
I was proud of you tonight, and of t he Atlanta Polic e Department t hose men, both black and white who were in the midst of a mob.
Yours truly,
Rol and B. Anderson

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