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September 7, 1966

Meyor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlenta, Gesrgia

Dear Mayor Allen,

Your example of leedershi»p in a besieged ares
yesterday was most impressive to see. It was a fer cry
from the pictures of other mayers in treubled cities who
have held themselves apart from the fray. I hove our
city can find ways to meet the problems of slum-dwellers
which ether cities h»ve found insurmounteble thus far.
If we do, it will be becsuse of your courageous and com-
passionate leadership.

If yeu could somehow cenvince these seonle to
present their grievances where there is = possibility of
talking them out end ecting upon them, thet would help.
Maybe a meeting or clinic st the Stediwm with many lawyers
ond social werkers and ministers te talk with people who
have problems and constructive suggestions could be a
starte I only know thet some kind of crective tackling of
the preblems of the cities will enable America te continue.

I wish there were middle-cless housing end
excellent schools availnble in the center of the city so
thet concerned people could meve beck into the city with
their families to be part of the voting, tax-poying b-se.

Perhaps community ergonizi tions of deprived
citizens would help them feel a grester pert of their city.
Maybe we need a Saul Alinsky to take the spotlight off of
the violent-tyse organizers,

Thenk you fer your leadership ond visien. If yen
can think ef wsys that concerned citizens con help, slease
enll on me.

Mest sincerely,

Mes. Gene G. Clement
2014 Tell Tree Dr., NE
Atlanta, Ga., 30324
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