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September 16, 1966

Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City Hall

68 Mitchell St. S. W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30303

Dear Ivan:

As I have been aware of the recent racial situation in
Atlanta I first want to say that you have gone far beyond
the call of duty in trying to help straighten things out.
In fact, you have exposed yourself too much, even though
what you have done was something that you could not avoid.

Today I was going through some old files and found the
attached copy of a story in the U. S. News & World Report
issue of August 19, 1963. Chances are you read about this
interview when it came out.

Also attached are copies of letter to me from Senator
Richard B. Russell dated August 25, 1965, letter from
Senator Herman E. Talmadge dated August 27, 1965 and
the Congressional Records dated August 5 and 16, 1965,
numbers 143 and 150.

The negro situation is bad and may not even be straightened
out but it seems to me that asking the cooperation and help
of all top grade negroes, such as S. B. Fuller, might be an
answer. In other words, sound thinking, educated negroes
have asserted themselves in a great many instances and if
a national movement could be started calling on the negro
business man, educators, etc., might do a lot of good.

0 numb hour out others ARE.
It is evident that Katzenbach Tarcet helping Any because they
certainly haga one track mine in favor of the so called
down-trodden negro but if somebody in high office, a man
like Senator Dirksen, could introduce a bill or do something
that would appeal to outstanding negro citizens-a solution

might be brought about # - ee te Seat Aeg<e

377 TECHWOOD Drive, N.W.

Just thought I would write you this note and hope that you
will think well of it.

JIR/g11 Jack J. Rushin


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