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RaBsi Jacos M. RoruHscuHitp, D.D.

September &, 1966

Ma. Ivan Afen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atfanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Ivan:

May I add my words of pratse and pride to the many you have
akneady received for your words and deeds during the unpleasant-
ness a few days ago. The courage you displayed in mingling with
the mob and making yoursels a target for possible violence to
your person won the nespect and admiration of every decent
citizen of Atlanta. Even mone significant, 4t seems to me, was
your necognition of the fact that although justifiable grievances
may be present among the peopke of the areas of our inner-city
that those who were involved in the incident do not truly
nepresent the citizens of Atlanta - negro oA white. Your cakn
and neasonableness, your refusal to answer hate with hate or
violence with violence served, it seems to me, as a Steadying
Angtuence without which the incident might have become much more

AS one who has been vitally concerned with the problem of good
racial relations here in Atlanta, ads well ads one sympathetic to
the needs, desines and frustrations of the Aegnro community, 1
4impky want you to know how proud I am of you and to assure you
that you may count on my continued support any way that you may
See fit to use At.

Janice joins me in these sentiments and together we extend our
warmest personal greetings and good wishes for your continued
Successful Leadership.

Sincerely yours,


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