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RoAD,N. W.
D. D.
Se.ptembeJt 8, 7966
Mn. Ivan AU.en, · J11..
Mayon, City o 6 A:tea.nta
City Hill
Atlanta, Geong,ia
Vean Ivan:
May I add my wo11.d6 06 pll..aMe. and p! to the many you have.
aJAe.ady Jz.e.c.uve.d oOJz. youJz. WOJz.d6 and de.e.dJ.i dWUng the. u.nple.aJ.iantne.l.>.6 a new day.6 ago. The. c.ouJz.age. you ciwplayed in mingling wLth
the. mob and making youJz.-6elo a tall.get oOJz. po.6.6ible violence. to
yoUJz. pVt-60n Won the. 11.e.1.>pe& and acirruJi.a.tion On e.veJty de.c.e.nt
eilizen o-6 Atlanta. Even moJz.e. ,.s,i..gnif,ic.ant, il .6e.em.6 to me, WM
yoUJz. 1tec.ogniuon of, the f,aet that although ju-:Sti-6,iable gue.vanc.e.1.>
may be pll.e.1.>e.nt among the people. of, the. a11.ea1.i 06 oUJz. inneJt-eily
that tho.6e who weJte involved ,i..n the. ,i..neident do not tJz.uly
Jz.e.pll.e.1.> ent the eil,i..z en.6 0 f, Ailanta - ne.gJz.o OIL while.. YoUJz. c.alm
and 11.e.a1.ionablene.1.>J.i, yoUJz. Jz.e.f,u..6al to an.6WeJt hate. wLth hate. 011. w,i;th violence .6Vtved, il .6e.em.6 to me, aJ.i a .6te.adying wLthout whic.h the. ineident might have be.come. rnuc.h moJz.e.
.6 e,/t,tO U.6 •
A-6 one. who ha1.i be.en vitally c.onc.Vtne.d wLth the. pnoblem of, good
11.elation.6 heJte. in Atlanta, M welt M one ,.sympathetic. to
the. nee.d.6, de..6,i..Jz.e.1.> and f,Jz.U.6.tJz.a;tion.6 o-6 the. /w..gJz.o c.orrmunily, I
.6-&nply want you. to know how pnoud I am of, you and to aJ.i.6UJz.e. you
that you may c.ou.nt on my c.onunu.e.d .6uppoJz.t any way that you may
.6 e.e.
to U.6 e. il.,ial
Janic.e join.6 me. in the.1.>e. and togetheJt we. e.xte.nd oUJz.
waJz.rne.1.>t pVt-6onal gne.e.ting.6 and good wi.6he.1.> -6011. yoUJz. c.onunu.e.d
.6 u.c.c. el.> .6 -6 ul eJt.6 hip .
JMR: b.6

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