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September 9,1966

Dear Ivan,

When | passed the time of day with you on the
C & S corner the other day, I never dreamed you would
be embroiled in a riot in Atlanta that afternoon.

An angry mob, incited as they were, is very terri-
fying and it did take great courage for you voluntarily
to engage personally in quelling it. The purpose of
this letter is simply to let you know that | am proud
of you and proud to know you. Ivan, you get lots of
advice and suggestions from everybody, most all of
whom are much smarter and better informed than | am.
Some fifteen years ago when you considered running for
governor, | did suggest that it was a mistake to stand
"four square on the county unit system'',

Now | can't refrain from suggesting that it is a
mistake to try to prosecute Carmichael and "put him
away'' for a number of years, At this time you are
riding the crest of the wave. The negroes themselves
are undercutting Carmichael. Every time he opens his
mouth you go further ahead and he loses more. Every-
think is going for you. | would surmise that the case
against Carmichael is, to say the least, nebulous but
win or lose the case, prosecuting him is, | believe,
bound to bring some sympathy. Why make a martyr out
of him? Someone else will take his place and jailing
him won't really resolve the big issue. This is really
not intended as advice but simply my reaction as an
admittedly uninformed and unofficial observer.

You are a great man.

Best regards,


“whe fo ow aol giathang
lo eh Uh AAO =
| ROLE Reek, = oe ¢ Nelle.
Mah oe SO

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