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September 9, 1966

Mayor Tvan Allen, Jr,
City of Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Ivan:

As a friend and as a citizen, I want to tell
you how proud I am of you and the manner in which
you handled the recent disturbance on Capitol
Avenue. Your courage, good judgement and
patience demonstrated again the splendid leader-
ship you are furnishing our community.

I was pleased that the radio and press gave
you strong support and thet you had recognition
nationally from Vice President Humphries and the
President of the United States. It was also
gratfying to note the support you received from
all segments of our population.

Your stand for law and order, and yet
recognizing the legitimate needs of some of
our less fortunate citizens, is certainly

You and all those associated with you in
the handling of the incident are certainly due
the heartfelt thanks of the citizens of our

Please do not feel that this letter requires
a reply. I just wanted to express my respect
and admiration for you in the job you are doing
as the Mayor of our City.

With warmest regards,



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