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.. I
9, 1966
Mayor Ivan Allen, Jr.
City of At lanta
Atl anta, Ge orgia 30303
Dear Ivan:
As a frien d and as a citizen, I want to tell
you how p roud I a m of y ou and the manner in which
you handled the recent d isturb an ce on Capitol
Avenue. Your c ourag e, g ood judgement and
patience demon str a ted again the splendi d l eaders hip you are furnish i n g our co mmunity.
I was ple as ed t ha t t he radi o an d pr ess g a ve
you strong support a~d th t you had recognition
n ationally from Vice Preside nt Hu mphri es and the
Presid ent of t he Unit ed States.
It was a lso
g rat fy1ng to note t he s u pp ort you rece i ved from
al l segments of our popula tion.
Your stan d f or law and order, and ye t
recognizing t he legi tima te needs of s ome of
our less f ortunate citizens, is certainly
You and all t lwse associated wi t h you in
t he hand lin P-; of t h e lncident a re certainly due
the heart f elt thanks of t h e citizens of our
comm.un i ty.
Please do not feel tha t this letter r e quires
a reply.
I just wanted to express my respect
and admiration for you in the job y ou are doing
as the Mayor of our City.
With warmest regards.

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