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Carriage House

H & W Enterprise +4
Terminal Station 69 Spring St., S.W.
Atlanta 3, Georgia

Sept. 8, 1966
1326 16th St;
Meridian, Miss.

Dear Mayor Allen,

We talked with my sister, who lives in Atlanta, this morning.
She was praising you, for the coruageous stand you have taken, in regard:
to the Atlanta racial disturbance. She said all Atlanta is so proud of
you this morning, but may I add to this Mayor Allen, that not only
Atlantans are proud of you, but g@ll of us, who are still True Americans,
are Grateful, for the fine job you are doing. We, as never before,
need more God Fearing men, like you, to Prove to thowe who are doing
wrong, that Right still pervails over wrong.

My sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Harrison have
the Carriage House Restaurant, in the Terminal Train Statione Maybe,
you already know them, but if you don't, go by there someday or
evening, and tell them that I, Kathleen LaBelle, said to treat you
to the best steak in the house, which would make tiem very happy.

I will continue to Pray for God to Grant you Divine Wisdom to

Serve your people Rightously, and to continue to set a shining
example, by which other states may follow, because if we lose
our Freedom, we have lost Everything.
May God Bless and Protect You and All your loved ones,
Segue Wetter Ao 'Gsts_
Mra. Kathleen LaBelle

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