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Monday, September 12, 1966

Indignation over the meaningless murder of a teenage youth
this weekend is not a reaction just of the Negro residents of Atlanta.. It is shared
by thousands, by the great majority of people whose feelings reflect the real char-
acter of the City.

Public indignation and condolence must be expressed. As one
public voice, Channel 5 expresses it. We support the Mayor's pledge to bring those
responsible to justice.

Anyone who has any information regarding this crime has the
moral obligation to report it to the authorities.

Because of this shocking murder of an innocent youth, shot
from a passing car, the weekend disorders may have been an understandable reaction of
frustrated people, trapped in conditions they cannot change, faced with problems they
cannot solve alone.

But disorder and violence in the street solve nothing.
Those so-called "leaders" who whip up the emotions of these people have a record of
zero on the scoreboard.

Atlanta's poverty people need schools, jobs, decent places
to live.

There is no magic wand to wave to get these things. But
throwing rocks and firebombs won't get them either. They aren't going to help any-
body with anything.

The public policy must be to contain them and restrict them,
using whatever police power is necessary.

WAGA-TV offers a reasonable opportunity to reply to the views expressed in the editorial to a responsible person or group repre-
senting a significant opposing viewpoint, provided request for reply time is submitted to WAGA-TV within one week of this telecast.

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Monday, September 12, 1966

Let us as a Community, regardless of race or creed, stand
behind this policy. Let us stand behind it not in anger or resentment, but simply
because no other policy can serve the public interest. The public we mean takes in
everybody, those in the riot neighborhoods and everybody else.

For his own safety and his value to the City, we ask Mayor
Allen to get out of the streets. He has demonstrated this City's concern, and
publicly delivered this city's pledge to move against the problems of slums and
poverty and delinquency. He has shown tremendous leadership.

Further participation in any riot scenes won't convince
anybody of anything.

We urge him to stick to the conterence table, with true
representatives of the majority of Atlanta's Negro citizens.

The loud mouths and wild proposals of the would-be leaders
are great for stirring up disorder and violence, but they don't put any points on the
scoreboard. Channel 5 calls upon the City's prominent Negro citizens to unite--now--
in a strong leadership force that can speak out for the majority, and get some re-

The only answer to the irresponsible action of recent days
is responsible action by responsible forces.

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