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United States
of America

Vol, 111


Mr. TALMADGE. Mr. President, the
southwest Georzia eliy of Americus has
become another in a lone and unhappy
line of American communities to be seb
Upon by racial agitation wand violent

The traric vietim of miiitant and ar-
rorant advecates of a philosephy tiat
threatens to destroy the American ideal
that ours is a Nation of laws and not of
men, upon which is based the freedom of
all Americans recardiess of race, creed,
or color, Americus, Ga. has been made
the scence of racial disorder and mob ac-
tion. Already there has oecurred a
brutal and senseless killing of a yaunr
U.S. Marine cniistee who was shot dawn
in cold bleod while standing on a ptrect
corner. ‘Two Nerrocs have been charred
with bis murder.

We pray that violence will end in this
strife-lorn city, (at peace and order will
be returned, sud that wilever dilfer-
enees exist between eitizens will be re-
solved in eceordanee wilh ile processes
of civilized taw, and nat. ncenrdin® to the
law of tie jimele, We pray that there
will be sg more deaths, nnd that tie
food ciuzens of Americus, of both rarees,
will look to their minds and their hearts
and them conrciences for nm solution ta
preblems of tnman relations, aoe that.
there vhoare bent upon pittine neiebbor
arainss neivhber, whe make a profession
out of inciting riots and dissension, will
cense and desint.

Accord: in newspaper aceounis, thee
difienlues in Ameriens arose over voter
Tesistration procedures. I have stated

before, and To repent here today that I
favor the fll and unhindered rinlt to
vote of every quniified American. cili-
ren. and wherever this rinht is being de-

nied there should be corrective action.
The rieht to vote is muarantecd by the
Constitution ond well-protected by stot-
utory law, inehiding the so-called Voting
Rirhts Act which now lies on the Presi-
dent's desk, which is enforecable in every
court in the land, both State and Fed-

Tean find no justification for the wave
of rioting which has swept the country
_over alleged deprivation of constitutional




Q flO


sateen Aucust 5, 1965

rinlits, nol sol
fem) Survives

remedies at. daw

eation for taki
and destroy th
Mr. Preside
Aunust 2 i
TMiqiiver ane
inp Amerie:
to lew ana
Leommesitl t
tion of thin ee
cminent think il
There hei;
was ordered bo
as follows:
‘Ture 1
“Tf owe cart
ve Lk elewer
eantiees Wa
Coordinates tty


This ec:

ong as toe American sys-
aad otoore onre arile
. There We no jusiii-
robe Trew Gato one’s awit
uLonly reait ia annreay
e feredoin of all.

wy there appeared in ihe
anoof tle Columbus, Cin.
oTienbk Cae ciadl canermen

sued the jaereniis Great
order m the wdited it


his editevinl to the aiten-
Taihe, ce) gedr Wats
be prints dio tlie itheoin.
Herebjeemon, bla eadhorial
be printed athe iveorn,

TG The Perse te

Pultd Americus, we noenid
Rome bee ef Die Mativichent

He w. peeoclines viedewer tan tes wheels
east alpediy baewie vbobegen jodi tea edy. aie
theddgT die henge Gd bok atibasene, 1G
welritt hin tleah they anlitienaie prenad oof
SCC and otaer creupset Daa saciety da tet
eqqreulbty, bart etineen,

Ta Mike ded pepe clint tia toed Dey
Teinted prod Wao try: ete ber ceo
fervings in the Armed Perecg. ‘Use ene Tors
worlirtyh dit ek we fe rieic Our Thyie ad ken
obhier cedererdd poopie Da Sate Deiadnyon td
Viohoein oe bia bar white Amerhoaain ean peek
neher’! the pampiiet cab, “We wilh be
Tendoc eh wpeny yaltors ov fb the colores

peepte ot ther ws
ini te fyb ar
“Amd if thoy
enue p, tell bliin
movy tiles
Wet tliat,
Alor rae yy
Awebouneder th
wribet oof Ulet py
dincerstan fare

hot we

fine teria free cpvek pac

re: trennon,

hello npht bere wader

eh VF tlie Deere
ib clie Witretih mh emniee,

nnswer thugcucracy (in ihe
fhe trath, We dent) knew
Con minon, Gowhiism nnd
tho know thio Neproce huve
this Amertean

Temple con

Is Americus denwnecracy, Tae
niphilet, sod Pie npewers of
hoe nod vleietee enn cones
ee their trension.
Ho tatider word

for there |

to describe the divectian wuteie part of tho
GVVb cheba mivew wot Pe ree fb iebtirs,

Union comin, thie wormmlal dae hinted
nwey coed shrek, Tak denmiceriey ns savings ien-
ture dso tolernnen af mesriv any internal
teothe decdhed te Gear dew the deantanne
mu deed

Jiu there js a dimth eveds tion deniocraey,
And tht (rit ds cdese at diab tor tlie more
bocce eivay ab fa iret Wil, pereety bg
the there baie dithdhe re pre tenily

tedeevadd, data ood

cowibygg the uptier gid) more

, AUGUST T 5, 1

“iL? Pre if nn

Nor itt er \b- Wy



No, 143


fripitentag side of thelr nature, The mask
ef (he alehter for rhydits has been removed to

revere Che @ertroyer of Taw ana evider,
The Mio osppl pamphlet quite obviously
rem tei gtek tae dihi Tar equniity as &

dvtht betwee lie Wiilte pak colored peopica

mf oh ted, eh a ATpAent between
Atwrtesioool Vario eoler Phere ison wint
fied Gaittorioat Goterenee da tie lwo ape
Jitencetan -

She Wad Chine © lave ponypink to deplet the
Worklogs os eae between the ipht and
Coheed dead Meot Aniericatu heeroey have
Teper ded Claet Thieeey aad pice thelr faith
Mhachleviny: Pil sturns fa be th. citivenn, Be

Gabeonitingae to fore in ito beannby nave

7 oheowe oot Ue aatates. vation at the
Goethe cet OUR dave Whee gave hen

it the Anwetteat dreamt wil the Amer}
ita Nero's quem ct vbe te uoeyed by the
raceiors of ood Side just as awed of by tho
excess of throiher side

The di redo anenpern abe Cakhayy fro

hey olrant

Aouvs miter bea sadn,
worth wile excuoias baie
chit pthoie ite Raw
Whatever the Aneriean whikte nadie bin
nye He Arorical Neyrra, det iia peeduerd


for the Nepean Grete ha) ged pee eek ain
tion, wed the Metre chould net porter tht.
Ag the averape detonstrater wheels Tain

late-model cae Into ie driveway of n O-room

house ocith no holes in the reot, ated poes
Into an heine-eocoed meal and watehow tele
vision wittle Davia a 1abe ene, mod Ais chil-
drom dintels thelr echoed besos, Tie shewtd

CWiibk lon nel Berd about what freedom is,
before dae iit tiled Wot mead ab,
Slopans cou ev ber dhe reniity af freee
dom Testis eh pore TM oes, une free-
(evs fries nge net barve ted By all who
march in its wo Maay ere willing to
mareh and ei Dat are veh prepared to

Poy the trie ated ean pane for freedom,
whieh Ia dn dactolwente, Uo omh years of
Mbecent efert. wot onon few oooenatrations,

The Americonn Ne coin w “ty aewd of tho

preaho omiajerity of the pea;
White or colored, simply bec u.
thin band et eppertunity—

Amd at‘a nbout thae semenue in high vue
thority todd him se, instead of timohing with
Buli.every tire ps minor shorlcoming ts cited,
the Preskdont Dyicion B, Jolie.
Bon, lor instunce,

im the world,
woo dives in
vd freed wm.

Sr tay

_— SS

eeteee get - V9 nan ll tm

United States
of America

Vol. 111




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Na. i350


Mr, TALMADGE. Mr. President, the
entire Nation is shocked and horrified
by the racial rioting in the city of Los
Anteies. In the wake of this holocaust,
in which more than 30 lives have been
lost and wieeh still rages in some parts
of the Los Angeles area, various sid sun-
dry so-called explanations and exes
have been offered by experts in the Gelds
of Jaw enforcement, soctolory, psyehol-
ory, psychiatry, urban affairs, and eeca-

Recardiess of how learned the expert
ov how scholarly the presentation, 1, for
one, canna comprelicnd how poverty,
sinm conditions, unemployment, cultural
or econnmiec need, or alloned diserimina-
tion—anas deplorable as they are—ean he
justification for lawlessness and rioting.
T, for one, Mr. President, have yet to be
fiven an scceptable exeuse for takings
the Jaw into one’s own liands. In our
country under the Amerienn sysiem of
government, Lhere is ne such exeise.

Tiowever, [T believe the Washiston
Evening Star in an editorial lest fetur-
day came close to the heart of the roant-
fer. The Star in my apinien prt iis
fineer on a danrerous trend in Ameries
at the prevent fime which we lave seen
manifested in Los Anrmeles, Sprimiuheld,
Mass., Chicago, TIL, New Yori City,
Selma. Als Amerieus Ga. and indeed
throuciioidc dl parts of the Unthed States.

The Star, calling: attention to a crow.
ine contempt for law ood the rindtes of
law-abiding, poopie, asked this very per.
tinent question:

What ia the efecto on respect for uw when
prominent members of the clergy announce
they will not obey # inw if they disagree with


g a

wy VoLEb

AUGUST 16, 1965
1t? What ls the effect when the Supreme
Cour, aa we we lower Feoeral courts, ovec-
turn conyieious. for haw vielationn on the
SImsiest Of bores, or, as a1 one instance, for
Blaterh region?

Dees tals sortaot thine eneournpe Ue heod-
Tum type te tid that respect dor inw ts for
ihe birds? We iiilake ie.

Mr. President, Ioask wuniimous con-
sent that ties editorial Le punted da the

Toere bea: ne objection, the edie
forind was avaered to be priited in ihe
Hinconn, wa Pollows;

Tar, ANGELES thers

The mosh deo dinpranpe: tool the savage rlot-
Inypp aad deat whieh bas awept Tos Anpeles
in the wtter reine tes Of the Gling,

It storied Werbesdkiuy evenine when a white
Teilleemian trom to arr a epro motorist
ono oatepielonm cf adrunies sleiving. And oe
really took ety froar there

A Geast Th people are dewd, dneludbag a
Mepiity ndvihh feted die vae Cth Dy ae
foiling wail Peaperty teoeen wilh rum tlpl
inte the niilideter The py yweourlel
Bet chee bey devebladioy tee) bveey ster ae aetiel
fiat att diapetien. respihig tee EP ted,
Also stoned Were atmiateaers teyined ve
tie dnjared Tales cars were ppecian
many Bey wreesed,
wien thea |; oe cones
ecomtred fie gaodbcy Mattes
ealied in bik night ane
lish an Tnusy peate prey

To try ta put tits thitor jie come kind
af perepective, Los Angele: hus a Negra pope
hot Sh0.000, en reaphily 2 ner
eeutoaf the total, ‘Whe largest miaader of
rowers 2) amy ene time de not believed to
live eseoodent TOOO, ‘Tiiia, ihe errdibunis
have eomptitwbodd a relatively small minortiy.
Awl there Ja prebably novel train tia the
comment al a heaunewlfe whi salads “it's tee
rowdy fteennera gl paced up on nlrpliaee
glue and gin who provoke the trouble” The

Jo pieners

eed teet
» RO were

PV 7ne parent at

Wiebhhew ay

1 4

news pPhojies indicate Unis is true, So dora

mTCmert te tte New Vor Ton eh stated
that the Waite area of Tain An

he trouble Giaaite ld, is not

nelle, i oe

reve olay ahi

Lee Lhe aber tarda, iret Of clas Mee
In etomidate weer ory Hel tt
thee ghee’ pba) dadin Daw ti ee a Neetu
By ee dual Fem be Tilted tiaet Ovbev tes HT bd
PR oon adie a Whew sometoie, of uu : e
ja eye Wie ate Lie pe tu EH in 4

0d tilidial

howe ied el wiih aoe AMO ie
ied ta “nese wate aiibre at

One certaliiy dea haters al pete whote
or ihaet tia a CLeliy Woo bbe Aiwe ier f
anh Ceatenepi bor aM Thin Tiare Th
hawealieia,, gatepee, PAT eit ye ne
ear fer Dies Anette TR Gi) 9 tbh an 3
plus hooey ETAL dd deed Aa ee

Th shop, Ge rie ol lew, te woe 1 po ae

: ae Po pad, wei be dee Deeb Go &

t Aniceiee anad Uae ee he
TART er wile ty Makin! pros ne
eer Tie Vreven aw oar }
Crime, Whotaee dle reatire oan lve
Tyrer aiihiee’ hans? Londerprasiarge Woy at
(hie bate povkoeh Tae ete Wa nb
sine ie hee Lhe biningsbod em bbe oo
pu wbbathe Witt da ola ga 1 oe ff J
bac Ghaw shoe yer TOL decor yeaa gf doce
eterey foodie ca WEED tee ak ht
Vv divey A ree wat? Wh >» theo eh
Wie foe SC obieiee ab, ae Well ag luwer

Bey Cees dew wen eanvied longs for law
* dhidaeiernbh ey Ineaes, er, ae on
Yogbo inte re ane The
Bite cunt oat fp enero. foe Tew dint
type to think that respect Dee daw on for che
Win in? We think we
Atony sete, Gb bees Detetere eeu ip ews
Angeles toist the dolera will pive way to
pathing, except superior force, Ad tn tant
event the mupeitor forea nist bo applled—
followed, one may hepe, by severe puiuivh-
ment of those who may be found guilty of
criminal netivity,

Viacom om 4
fae deh


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