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W. ]. Bookho lt
Internal Rev enue Service
W. H. Sanders
General Servic es Admini stration
A. W. Tat e
Veterans Administration
September 9, 1966
Honorable Ivan Allen Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta
City Hall
68 Mitchell Street, S. W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Dear Mr. Allen:
As Chairman of the Atlanta Federal Executive Board, which represents the
Federal Community, I want to commend you for the leadership displayed
during recent events in this city. Your ability to cope with difficult
problems has long been recognized. The action you took this week again
proves this point. Your foresight, understanding, and sincerity was the
major contributing factor which turned a potential disaster into a controlled situation. The active participation by you indicated the courage
and personal conviction a true leader must possess. In a time like this,
few people have exhibited greater interest in assuring that the rights of
all are considered. Results of this attitude are reflected in the acceptance to change throughout the city of Atlanta.
The Atlanta Police Department also merits the highest recognition for its
excellent control of the outbreak. It proves that they are well trained,
capable and responsible law enforcement officials. Please pass to them
our compliments for a job well done.
We in the Federal Executive Board stand ready to provide assistance now
or in the future. I know that both of us want Atlanta to be a true symbol
of freedom for all, where each man is a citizen with equal rights and
where he is given the opportunity to fulfill his corrnnunity responsibilities .
Again, I commend you and pledge our support in moving Atlanta forward .

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