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Atlanta, Georgia
8 September 1966

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr., Mayor,
City of Atlanta,

City Hall,

Atlanta, Georgia.

Dear Mayor Allen:

"A Day to Forget" someone says but something tells me

Atlanta shall never forget Tuesday, September 6, 1966.

On that day the citizens of Atlanta found that when

they needed a friend they had such a friend in you, our Mayor.

A deplorable affair and a very dangerous one. You

were there with our efficient police and had it not
been for this no doubt lives would have been lost.

Let us hope and pray that such an occurrence will never
take place again in our beloved city.

I am a resident of Cherokee Avenue and ride one of the
buses that services the people in that area. On that day
we shall never forget, our bus driver waited until

we were out of the area where the riot was to tell the
passengers about the situation.

No, Mayor Allen, we shall never forget that we needed
you and you were there,

God bless you in your efforts in our behalf.

/P chee Co ON. Cc x fi a

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