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Box 16, Folder 4, Document 50

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De r Mayor 1Allen:
I shall be anohomous for obvious re sons. We want
you know that ninety nine percent of intelligent
Negroes no truck with the likes of St okely
Carmichel in his p id for foolisms. We believe he
is being p id to bringing on tenseness in this
country to slow down the Civi l Rights revolution.
Firstly, he gx went into Mississippi squ lling
"black power"
nd now he continues to add fuel to
stir ill will while he lives high on the hog
selling his r ce down the river.We know not whe ther
he is being paid he vily by some invidu ls or some
orgsniza.tion to continue these gr owing foolisms.
P1e se continue to believe in the intelligent
Martin Luther King
leadership of
d others anot
this unwelcome insincere man of little if any br in:
big fool if being p&id or a bigger one,if
fan tic
not.We deplore such
~~ff<l. A citizen.
He is

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