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311'. Joe G. Bchmnc, Chic!
Conservation and Rehabilitation Branch
Urban Pomona]. Division

Housing and Home Finance rrcncy

6L5 Peachtroo-chcnth Building
iblanta, Georgia - 30323

Dear Mr. morons:

Scmo tim ago at th mquoc‘b cf Er. William R. Wofl‘ord, tho
Building Official of! the City of Atlanta, you reviewed the
draft of tho ROSA Basic Phasing Code and cu‘mittcfl some
cmcnta. Under separate cover, at Hr. Hofford'c mquoot,
we have sent to you throo ccmlimcntars' copies of this code:
as it. was finally published. ”do am enclosing; a copy of
our Publication and Prico List for your information in tho
event. you have occasion to rcfcr to this and the 1300A codes
in tho areas which you servo. -

-.'c very much coprocicbc your taking the timo to consent on

tho early draft. of this cc and must apologize for not
earlier comicicat n; with * co rcgazfiicg this. In the
volume of H031: involved it vac impossible for no to
commmiccto our apprcciction to everyone. Plocso forgive

this oversight.

Your comments wore ccccmlly reviewed by the Committee and _
you may find that. some of tilt-‘5; wom incorporated in the code. '
Others may not have can uoori since in tho ovoroll concept.
of the Code the cormittcc mg“? have felt. it undocirablo to
use them at this time. We anticipate modifications of the
code as oxoorionco indicates accessory and this my load
to the adoption of 5023 of the thingc proviouclr suggested
but. not. accepted by the Comittoc.

Tho BGCA Basic Housing Code io prepares! to. be used in con-
Junction with tho BOG}. Basic Building Code. Togothor they
provide all the: common; authorities for tho minimistration
of regulations gcvoming both old and mm buildimc. Thoy
arc basca on the policy that. all activities dealing with the
buildings in a ccmcnity should cor-ac under the direct. super-
vision of the building; official. Housing authorities or
similar local public agencies, planning boards and other

branches of local government concerned with buildings and their use
should have the full cosporooion of the building department in
dotonnining the physical condition of the buildings and in such
other matters as may be necessary. Violation notices and coroection
orders regarding buildings oiould ho issued by one agency only ..
lino building doparmnontg-«nalthourja tho fire prevention official may
propo‘iy issue notices and orders regarding fire hazards resulting
-rom the prooessos of;o fflcnmablc materials ovor‘ohich he
has juris fiction, and the ho 1th official may issue orders regarding
sanitation - improper use of sanitazy facilities or unsanitary
practices - which. are and or his juris fiiobion. Ho believe that those

assu.pticno quite well take coro of all noccosary conditions and that
aha? are sound and practical.

Under this arrango.nont appeals from gaginiotrativc orders are provided
within proper limitations throu3.h provisions of the building code.
Such appeals would apply equally to orflors issued in connection with _
corrections under the Housing Code as to those issued under the
Building Code.

We would Holcomo any further comments you may have in connection with
this and tho Insults of your experience or the experience o£ communities
with which you may come in contact in its use.


Paul E. Baselar ,
Executive Director

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