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80 - 26th St., NW
Atlanta, Ga., 30309
September 8, 1966

Dear Ivan:

Along with thousands of others, I should like to express
my admiration for the courage and common sense with
which you handled the race riot in the Capitol Avenue
section, and I am sure all people of good will, of both
races, feel the same.

This morning I spoke of it to a colored porter, and he
heartily agreed.

You will receive many such letters, and you will be too
busy to answer them, so don't bother about that, but I do
want you to know that I feel grateful to you and proud to
have youas mayor. Atlanta has many problems, some of
which may not be solved in your time or mine, but the one
you handled this week is the most immediately urgent, and
I don't see how anyone could have handled it better.

Thank you, and you may be sure that my thoughts are with
you constantly.


Daw Tapper,

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