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District and vicinity—Fair tonight ioe —
60. Partly cloudy tomorrow a
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Ful Report on Page A-2

114th Year. No. 253. ‘Copyrizht © 1955

9 Men Indicted
InZoning Bribe






ne et

eae ae ee

Probe by Jury
Ex-Fairfax Officials
Charged in Scheme
Star Staff Writer
Charges of taking part in a
officials in a rezoning matter
have been leveled against a
two: former supervisors, 8) “IT'S IN HIS HANDS .. .
former head county planner,
ae Humphrey Di rksen:
me umpnrey to S
yesterday afternoon by a federal S 7 Ri IF Bi |
grand jury in ‘Alexandela are: ave t € ig ts i
DeBell, a D ti ber|Humphrey says that Senate Republican Leader Everett M.
of en board dines 1950 and the Dirksen of Illinois has a chance to make history in the field of
before the Senate.
Gee. pe Repitlicn er Commenting on a recent statement by Dirksen that the rights
of Congress is concern i Rights Bill
Former Supervisor A. Clai- ae said jst night = eae aa Oyaas Ney
member from 1956 to 1963 and| 7° oe sng it|Voter is a hero, because he will
chairman in 1963, back w life We is his hance tgltake his life’ into his own
Gibson, one of Northern Vit-| the responsibility for its death,| The Communists are deter-
ginia’s most prominent zoning! then he will have to live with| mined “to smash and crush this
William C. Burrage, head| “Byt if Sen. Dirksen will
planning director for Fairfax) say the wa word from his pr tise Talks of Social Programs
Nathan Wechsler, attorney
and certified public accountant
K Street NW.
Sigmund Goldblatt, an attor-
of Fessenden Street NW.
George and oe Faigen,

Supervisor DeBell,

scheme to bribe Fairfax County
member of the county board,
three lawyers and two business-
indictment "handed dan

County Supervisor Stuart T.| ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. o President Hubert H.,
chairman in 1959. civil rights by breathing life back into the stymied bill now
member from 1960 to 1963, jbill is dead so far as this ses-
borne Leigh, a Republican board) \ow> conference:

Falls Church attorney Lytton) breath life into it.. If he wants hands.”’

TS. that. responsibility. coming election,” he said.
County vom 1958 to 1963... ‘ithe aisle ... we can break any| On another matter, Humphrey
with offices in the 1400 Block of
ney with offices in the 2900 block
brothers who cleaning

Investigation to Continue

U. S. Atty. C. Vernon Spratley |

dr. said ae jury has not com-
ita _dvestigntion _into


oe 419,
Bach of the nine defendants
sce aee

Commenting on bill yesterday
in Washington, Dirksen said “it
needs a few friends in the Sen-
ate because it has a lot of
enemies.” But he did not re-
peat his declaration that the
bill is dead.


| Dinner Honors Sen. Anderson

dee hag

In a speech at a ibaa a eae ie ci

said the social programs of the
administration keep faith with
the goals of the late President

The social programs of the
Democratic Sorte
including the war on poverty,
federal aid to aeain: and
medicare, he said, are intended

= Eosaee

og ‘aie, Negroes habe beck wh
di “a long suffering, patient peo-| yo

iple’ whose cause now is being|’

hurt by a small group which has| Tt

carry out “an unlawful activity iar and said “every See HUMPHREY, Page A-3 | fall



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