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Office of the White House Press Secretary ; :



Captain James A, Lovell has joined me today to announce a new program
on earth rather than in space. While most Americans are familiar with
astronaut Lovell's part in the successful Apollo 8 mission, he has another
role and another mission as the President's Consultant on Physical
Fitness and Sports. We believe he will be equally successful here.

Today I am pleased to announce the establishment of a national summer
youth sports program which will provide summer day camp experience
for an estimated 75,000 young people living in urban areas.

The program will enable disadvantaged youngsters in 40 metropolitan
areas across America to attend summer day camps which will be held
on the campuses of 120 colleges, universities and junior colleges.

Colleges will contribute their gymnasiums, swimming pools, tracks,
playing fields and special purpose rooms as well as a full-time program
director and capital sports equipment at a cost of $1.55 million.

The balance of the program's cost will be financed through a transfer of
$3 million in OEO funds to the Department of Health, Education, and
Welfare which will assume responsibility for the program.

The program will be administered by the National Collegiate Athletic
Association under contract to the Department of HEW. The President's
Council on Physical Fitness and Sports which I chair as Vice President,
has been assigned by HEW Secretary Finch to supervise the program.
Captain Lovell directs staff activities for the Council.

This national program is modeled after the highly successful summer
sports program conducted last year at the University of Southern California
for youngsters from the ghetto area near its campus.

The 40 metropolitan areas have been chosen on the basis of population
size and percentage of poverty level families, Our prime target is to
reach the inner city youngster who has no recourse but the streets during
the long, hot summer.

Obviously we cannot reach every child we want. We hope to reach many
in the heart of these c'ties' poverty areas to provide at least a 5 week
respite of recreation and relaxed education.

This is a beginning. We are tapping resources heretofore unused and
reaching youngsters he retofore unknown. As Captain Lovell knows from
experience, you cannot reach vhe moon on the first flight. But you can
never reach the moon if you will not try.

This year's success will pave the way for greater participation and expand
horizons of hope where hope is most needed -- rignt here at home.

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