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100 n. sixth
louisville, kentucky the kentucky juvenile delinquency prevention and youth development foundation, inc.
$83-1130 402909

June 11, 1969

Hon. Ivan Allen

Mayor of Atlanta

City Hall

68 Mitchell, SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Mayor Allen:

I am presently working as Director of Public Relations
for the Kentucky Youth Conference to be held August 10-13, 1969
at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Ihave enclosed more information regarding the history,
goals and accomplishments of the Conference and of the entire
Kentucky Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Youth Development
Foundation of which it is the heart, hoping that it will present you
with a somewhat clear and informative picture of our past and present
efforts. Weare, of course, hoping and planning that this year's
Conference will be our largest , most successful and most effec-
tive yet and are, therefore, doing all we can to make ourselves
known to as many potential delegates and sponsors as possible.

It is for this reason that Iam writing to you. Being ina
position of such leadership and influence, I would hope that you,
after reading about the Conference, would see the tremendous impact
and effect it is capable of having on Kentucky youth and would lend
interest and support toward it with some statement of endorsement
or approval which we might then be able to use in our public relations.

We are very proud of and optimistic about the impressive
results we have seen throughout Kentucky since the birth of the
Conference and the foundation, and we know that you share our concern
and hope that it will remain a permanent institution in Kent ucky--an
opportunity for Kentucky youth to meet to pool thoughts, ideas and
experiences regarding timely and relevant youth questions and prob-

the kentucky youth conference

Hon. Ivan Allen
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lems, and an incentive to them to unite for statewide effect

by putting new ideas and solutions to work within their own

I trust that you will let us know any reaction or response
you might have to our efforts as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your interest and concern.


Carol Kunk
Director of Public Relations
Kentucky Youth Conference


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