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DA N ·G ·E R !
�Ten thousand American Negroes are now being
trained and educated in Moseow as key men in
what Stalin hopes will be a bloody Communist
revolution in the U. S. A. These Negroes, through
American Communists, are now establishing their
. contacts with every Negro community in the
U.S. A.
Encouraged by the ignorant sentiment of foolish preachers, blind educators and political demagogues like Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Wall~ae, these Negroes are cooperating with .A:merican
political demagogues in an attempt to break down
all social barriers between the black an<;l' white.
Among the many demands tha-t they now make
are the following :
They demand that all laws against intermarriage of black and white be repealed. It is
the belief of the Communist that America
will be easy to control if they can make of
us a nation of m?ngrel mulattos.
Through the leadership of political dema.
gogues and Communists, they would force
Negro children and· Negro young people in-
to whit e schools and, which is the
short cut into intermixture of black and
white blood.

. They would repeal all Jim Crow laws an.d

compel white women to crowd into trains
and busses with the blacks, thus breaking
down all commonsense barriers designed to
protect both races from the wrong kind of

A prominent political braintruster r ecently said
in W ashlngton: " It is only a matter of time when
t her e will be no white race. The intermixture of
black and white in the U. S. A. will r emove the
whit e race."
These pro-Stalin politicians who follow Henry
W al).ace and Eleanor Roosevelt have passed laws
in certain states f.o rb~dding the erection of privately owned commercial swimming pools unless
these swimming pools permit black and white to
swim together.
Political fakirs in both old parties are willing
to sell the white man down the r iver in order to
line up the Negr o vote in th e slums of the big
cities in the North. I t is only a matter of a few
mo nths UJ1til it is likely t o be declar ed un-Const itutional and unlawful to send a child to a school
for whites only, or a young ma:n arrd a young
woman t o a college, for whites only.
In W ashington, D. C., public toilets for Negroes
have been destroyed and Negroes n ow invade t he
toilet facilities originally erected for whites only.
In view of the fact that nearly three-f ourths of
the Negro race is infected with venereal diseases,
this f act alone makes such mixture ,of the races
virtually criminal.
-4 -
has allowed hin;iself to give his 0 . K. to a socalled civil rights program which, in fact, was
originally outlined by a confer ence of Negro
Communists held in Detroit, Michigan. President
�Truman was mislead by a group of Northern politicians into believing that this program of social
intermixture of black and white was smart politics.
This is no· longer a political issue. It is a
question of whether or not the white race is going to commit treason ag.ainst itself and its
If the white people do not awaken and start
voting for -public officials who believe honestly
and fearlessly in white supremacy, it is only a
matter of time until the Negro vote in the
South and the Southwest,will be powerful enough
to subdue and belittle and destroy the leadership
of the white man.
We who believe in protecting the white man's
interest do not hate the Negro and would not
rob him of any rights guaranteed under the Constitution, but we are going to fight to the bitter
end any attempt on the part of "\Vashington politicians to force the following upon us:
1. The F. E. P. C.-a law now being advocated
by the leaders of both old parties in the North
to force a white man to hire Negroes, 'whether
'he wants them or not. Such a law is already •
on the statutes of New York State which
makes it a criminal offense, punishable by_
fine or imprisonment, to ask: any would-be
employee his race, religion or color. It , is
even a criminal offense to ask how long. he
has been in the U. S., and whether he came
from a foreign country. This is a trick law
to force people to hire Negroes and Jewish
reftigees. The same political forces are trying to get the same kind of a law to apply
to the w);iole Nation. To illustrate: If this
law were to pass and a businessman in Oklahoma or Ohio, or any other state, called an
employment agency £.or help and said, "I
want five white girls to work in my office,"
he could be fined or imprisoned or both for
saying "white. " Or if he should say, "i
want f.ive Christian girls to work in my· office, he c;ould be fined or imprisoned or
both for saying Christian, on the grounds
that this would offend the Jews.
2. Intermarriage. These revolutionists in our
midst are anxious to create situations where
it will malrn it easy for the weaker elements
in both races to intermarry. Many states have
statutes against this, but a Federal law is
being advocated which would outlaw all at(Conti.nued on Page Eleven)

IL J. 1 N O ls\
.) l
. ..
~I" NJi. .
Extra copies of this map, size S½"x
11", may be had t the following rates:
25 copies
100 co1>ies
1000 copies
JB ,.
s 1.00
Address orders ro Christian Nationalist Crusade, Post Office Box D-4, St.
Louis I, Missouri.

�10 Million White People to be Driven From Their Homes to Make
Room for Black Communist Soviet
tempts to prevent intermarriage of black and
3. Black and white mixture in schools. St r ange
enough, our colleges ar e so f ull of Communists, pinks and pro-Russian pr op agandists that
an alar min g number of our public school teachers and college pr ofessors actu ally favor the •
mixture of black and white children and y oung
p·eople in schools. W e white p eople must
fight t his t o the death. To illustr ate: Students of physiology know t h at a Negro boy
comes into puber ty much earlier t han a white
boy, and sex relationships on t h e part of
Negro boys at t he age of 10 is not uncommon.
W hite p eople must not p ermit these blacks to
be turned loose on our little scho9l girls.
.4. Black bureaucrats. The same politicia~ in
both old parties who ar e attempt ing to commit
the above atro cities a g.ainst t he white race
think it is cute p olitics to appoint black bureau crats t o high office t o have rule over us
and t o be put into positions of political authority. W hite men must oppose t h ese cheap- practices.

> . Black rule in Southern States. In the Southern

states the Negr oes equal and outnumber the
· whites in many communities. The Communist
P arty h as a plot t o make of these Southern
states a Black Republic, ruled by N~oes now
-11 ~
American Negro Communists Now Being Trained
In Moscow To Run Black Area, Thus Qriving Out
Whites And Enslaving Their Own Fellow Negroes
On the two pre cedin g pages Is a n exact copy of a rpa.p
taken out of th e s ecre t files of t h e Communist P a rty . The
blacl<ed-ln a r ea repr es ents w h a t the Communists hope some
day (if th ey ca n promote a bloody r evolution ) will be the
Negro Communist Soviet. It r epr esents 120,000 s qua r e miles.
A bout 10 million w h ite people will h ave to be driven out
of t h eir h om es. Among the leading cities th a t wlll be
turn e d ov e r complete ly to the Negroes w ill be Charleston,
Atlanta , Shrev e port, N ew Orl ea ns, S a v a nn a h, a s well as
m a ny oth ers. Th e lan d which n ow b elon gs to t h e w hites
will be co n fi scated a nd t u rne d over t o the R ed burea u cr a t s
for control.
Th is p la n was advocat ed within th e past year b y the Com muni s t N . gr o m e mb er of the N ew York City Council, B en ja min J. Da vis, Jr. Sh ortly b efor e t h e war this plan w as
discu sse d in d etail by J osef Sta lin In an a ddr ess befor e
Len in U ni vers ity w h e r e 2,00 0 Am erican Commu n is ts are
being tra in e d now to r un the Uni t ed Stat es. As la te as
F ebrua r y 10, 1947, a copy of a t extbook, n ow bein g used
In the R us sian Army , was exhibited b efore the Congression al
Committee for the Investiga tion of U n -Amer ican Activities .
The title of the milita ry t ex tbook is How to Bomb a nd
Sa botag e th e U.S.A.
It is to b e og,se rve d t h a t a b order zone has b een lef t a d jacant to th e bla ck ed-in aree.. This b ord er zone Is t o be
popula ted by b ot h black a nd w hit e . Of course, all segregation will b e outlawe d and the w h ite people as well as
the blacks in this bord er zon e will be u n d er bla ck rule .
Th e r evolutio nary cons pirators believe t h at the moment we
have a p e riod of un employm ent, a general strike can b e
call ed, thus paraly zi n g telephon e lines, ra ilroa ds , ele ctric
power systems, and m a j or fa ctori es . Train ed r evolution is t s w ill Imm ediately slau gh ter leader s h ip and seize control.
This would s eem fantastic wer e It not for the fact tha t the
Red !lag n.ow dominates m ost of Asia and m ost of Europ e .
- JO •
�being trained in Moscow. Truman 's Communist-originated civil rights program is a sch~me
to destroy the authority of a state over its
own affairs. It is expected even in this session '
of Congress t hat with the help of Eleanor
Roosevelt Democrats, Northern Republicans
and Communists that a law will be passed
through Congress taking states rights away
from these Southern states: Should this happen the black will overrun the whites in an
arrogant and in a bloody bulldozing manner
unequalled since Reconstruction days. Then
if the whites resist, the U. S. Army will be sent
into the Sout h to enforce this black rule. This
is just what Stalin, Henry W allace and Eleanor
Roosevelt desire. It must never, never be.
6. Mixture in Transportation.
The average r ailroad coach an d bus is filth y enough under
present circumst ances with out mixin g, the
IJJacks with the whites. Large number s of
t h •He b l u e k s r e ek with i;y phill:; auu gonorrhe a.
This cireumstance just does not permit t he
crowd·e d intermix ture with white people, esp ecially in communities where the Negro population is lar ge. Jim Crow must r emain. It is
a r ealistic program of transportation based on
experien ce. It is bad enough for our daugh ter s
and wives to be crowded and pushed around
and squeezed on busses and trains by the oc- 12 -
casional white moron wit hout them bein g subject ed to this offen sive physical contact by
black men.
Christian · white p e,ople do not hate Negr oei-.
They mer ely want these Negroes to keep t hemselves in _their place. That does not necessarily
mean an unequal place. The Negroes should have
good homes, good schools, good colleges, good
churches, good clothes and decent faci~ties. White
people who believe in social sep~ration, i:f the
Negro only knew it, are the Negro s best friends.
The agitation for intermixture being led by t he
Communists, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Wallace
and others, is creatin g a bad feeling among ~he
whit e p eople, anu it is piling up a backlog of 111will which would not exist if the white man was
n ot a.£ru id t u u t ·th is intertnixtur e wtii; going t o
he forced upon him by demag.ogues, politi~al
fak:i-rs and t he actual makers of l aw. A few m 7,elli gent Negro leaders recognize the truth of t his,
but they have lost the political leadersh~p of t he
)Jegr o race, and t he Negroes ar e followmg after
t he H enr y W all flc es, the Eleanor Roosevelts and
t he leaders of the Communist Party! Whit e people wit h any commonsense are going to resist t his
plot against their welfare.
file of common people will be ia agreement with
God save America against all the filthy plot.s
of Christ-hating Communism, one of which is to ·
destroy the dignity, leadership and purity of th~
white race.
Order this tract by the bundle and give it a.wa.y
to your friends. Help win the fight.
This tract may be obtained in bulk for
distribution at the following rates:
1 copy -----'-------------------$ .05
15 copies -------····----- -------------.50
35 copies _ ___ ---····· 1.00
100 copies ----------- ----\ ------- ·· 3.00
500 copies ----------------------------···· 10.00
1000 copies -- -----····-------------- ~--- 20.00
Address all orders to
Lock Box 4163, Walker Sta.tion,
Tulsa, Oklahoma
No;e: Abraham Lincoln favored segr~ga.tion.
Thomas Jefferson fa.vored segreg3tio;n. Booker
· ' T. -Washingtori favered segregati,~ .
· -16-

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