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Ten thousand American Negroes are now being
trained and educated in Moseow as key men in
what Stalin hopes will be a bloody Communist
revolution in the U. 8. A. These Negroes, through
American Communists, are now establishing their

contacts with every Negro community in the
U.S. A.

Encouraged by the ignorant sentiment of fool-
ish preachers, blind educators and political dem-
agogues like Eleanor Roosevelt and Henry Wal-
lace, these Negroes are cooperating with American
political demagogues in an attempt to break down
all social barriers between the black and white.

Among the many demands that they now make
are the following: ‘ apt

_ 1, They demand that all laws against intermar-
riage of black and white be repealed. It is
the belief of the Communist that America
‘will be easy to control if they can make of
us a nation of mongrel mulattos.

2. Through the leadership of political dema-
gogues and Communists, they would force
Negro children and Negro young people in-


to white schools and colleges, which is the
short cut into intermixture of black and
white blood.

They would repeal all Jim Crow laws and
compel white women to crowd into trains
and busses with the blacks, thus breaking
down all commonsense barriers designed to
protect both races from the wrong kind of


These pro-Stalin politicians who follow Henry
Wallace and Eleanor Roosevelt have passed laws

in certain states forbidding the erection of pri-
vately owned commercial swimming pools unless
these swimming pools permit black and white to ©
swim together.


In Washington, D. C., public toilets for Negroes
have been destroyed and Negroes now invade the
toilet facilities originally erected for whites only.
In view of the fact that nearly three-fourths of
the Negro race is infected with venereal diseases,
this fact alone makes such mixture of the races
virtually criminal.


A prominent political braintruster recently said
jn Washington: ‘‘It is only a matter of time when
there will be no white race. The intermixture of
black and white in the U.S, A. will remove the
white race.’’


Political fakirs in both old parties are willing
to sell the white man down the river in order to
line up the Negro vote in the slums of the big
cities in the North. It is only a matter of a few

months until it is likely to be declared un-Consti-

tutional and unlawful to send a child to a school
for whites only, or a young man and a young
woman to a college for whites only,


has allowed himself to give his O. K. to a so-

called civil rights program which, in fact, was

originally outlined by a conference of Negro

Communists held in Detroit, Michigan. President
. ihe

Truman was mislead by a group of Northern poli-
ticians into believing that this program of social
intermixture of black and white was smart pol-

This is no longer a political issue. It is a
question of whether or not the white race is go-
_ing to commit treason against itself and its

Tf the white people do not awaken and start
voting for public officials who believe honestly
and fearlessly in white supremacy, it is only a
matter of time until the Negro vote in the
South and the Southwest will be powerful enough
to subdue and belittle and destroy the leadership

of the white man.

We who believe in protecting the white man’s
interest do not hate the Negro and wouid not
rob him of any rights guaranteed under the Con-
stitution, but we are going to fight to the bitter
end any attempt on the part of Washington pol-
iticians to force the following upon us:


1. The F. E. P. C.—a law now being advocated
by the leaders of both old parties in the North
to force a white man to hire Negroes, whether

' —6—

‘he wants them or not. Such a law is already °

on the statutes of New York State which
makes it a criminal offense, punishable by_
fine or imprisonment, to ask any would-be
employee his race, religion or color. It is
even a criminal offense to ask how long he
has been in the U. S., and whether he came
from a foreign country. This is a trick law
to force people to hire Negroes and Jewish
refugees. The same political forces are try-
ing to get the same kind of a law to apply
to the whole Nation. To illustrate: If this
law were to pass and a businessman in Okla-
homa or Ohio, or any other state, called an
employment agency for help and said, ‘‘I
want five white girls to work in my office,’’
he could be fined or imprisoned or both for
saying ‘‘white.’’ Or if he should say, ‘‘I
want five Christian girls to work in my of-
fice,’’ he could be fined or imprisoned or
both for saying ‘‘Christian,’? on the grounds
that this would offend the Jews.

. Intermarriage. These revolutionists in our

midst are anxious to create situations where
it will make it easy for the weaker elements
in both races to intermarry. Many states have
statutes against this, but a Federal law is
being advocated which would outlaw all at-
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Address orders to Christian National-
ist Crusade, Post Office Box D-4, St.
Louis 1, Missouri.


10 Million White People to be Driv-
en From Their Homes to Make

Room for Black Communist Soviet |

American Negro Communists Now Being Trained
In Moscow To Run Black Area, Thus Driving Out
Whites And Enslaving Their Own Fellow Negroes

On the two preceding pages is an exact copy of a map
taken out of the secret files of the Communist Party. The
blacked-in area represents what the Communists hope some
day (if they can promote a bloody revolution) will be the
Negro Communist Soviet. It represents 120,000 square miles.
About 10 million white people will have to be driven out
of their homes. Among the leading cities that will be
turned over completely to the Negroes will be Charleston,
Atlanta, Shreveport, New Orleans, Savannah, as well as
many others. The land which now belongs to the whites
will be confiscated and turned over to the Red bureaucrats
for control.

This plan was advocated within the past year by the Com-
munist N.gro member of the New York City Council, Ben-
jamin J. Davis, Jr. Shortly before the war this plan was
discussed in detail by Josef Stalin in an address before
Lenin University where 2,000 American Communists are
being trained now to run the United States. As late as
February 10, 1947, a copy of a textbook, now being used
in the Russian Army, was exhibited before the Congressional
Committee for the Investigation of Un-American Activities.
The title of the military textbook is How to Bomb and
Sabotage the U.S.A.

It is to be ohserved that a border zone has been left ad-
Jacent to the blacked-in area. This border zone is to be
populated by both black and white. Of course, all segre-
gation will be outlawed and the white people as well as
the blacks in this border zone will be under black rule.
The revolutionary conspirators believe that the moment we
have a period of unemployment, a general strike can be
called, thus paralyzing telephone lines, railroads, electric
power systems, and major factories. Trained. revolution-
ists will immediately slaughter leadership and seize control.
This would seem fantastic were it not for the fact that the
Red flag now dominates most of Asia and most of Hurope.

eS 0 =

tempts to prevent intermarriage of black and

3. Black and white mixture in schools. Strange

enough, our colleges are so full of Commun-
ists, pinks and pro-Russian propagandists that
an alarming number of our public school teach-

ers and college professors actually favor the ”

mixture of black and white children and young
people in schools. We white people must
fight this to the death. To illustrate: Stu-
dents of physiology know that a Negro boy
comes into puberty much earlier than a white
boy, and sex relationships on the part of
Negro boys at the age of 10 is not uncommon.
White people must not permit these blacks to
be turned loose on our little school girls.

. Black bureaucrats, The same politicians in °

both old parties who are attempting to commit
the above atrocities against the white race
think it is cute polities to appoint black bu-
reaucrats to high office to have rule over us
and to be put into positions of political author-
ity. White men must oppose these cheap prac-
tices.» :

5. Black rule in Southern States. In the Southern

states the Negroes equal and outnumber the

‘whites in many communities. The Communist

Party has a plot to make of these Southern
states a Black Republic, ruled by Negroes now


being trained in Moscow. Truman’s Commun-
ist-originated civil rights program is a scheme

to destroy the authority of a state over its

own affairs. It is expected even in this session
of Congress that with the help of Hleanor
Roosevelt Democrats, Northern Republicans
and Communists that a law will be passed
through Congress taking states rights away
from these Southern states. Should this hap-
pen the black will overrun the whites in an
arrogant and in a bloody bulldozing manner
unequalled since Reconstruction days. Then
if the whites resist, the U. S. Army will be sent
into the South to enforce this black rule. This
is just what Stalin, Henry Wallace and Eleanor
Roosevelt desire. It must never, never be,

. Mixture in Transportation. The average rail-
road coach and bus is filthy enough under
present circumstances without mixing the
blacks with the whites. Large numbers of
these blacks reek with syphilis and gonorrhea.
This circumstance just does not permit the
crowded intermixture with white people, es-
pecially in communities where the Negro popu-
lation is large, Jim Crow must remain. It is
a realistic program of transportation based on
experience, It is bad enough for our daughters
and wives to be crowded and pushed around
and squeezed on busses and trains by the oc-

easional white moron without them being sub-
jected to this offensive physical contact by
black men.


Christian white people do not hate Negroes.
They merely want these Negroes to keep them-
selves in their place. That does not necessarily
mean an unequal place. The Negroes should have
good homes, good schools, good colleges, good
churches, good clothes and decent facilities. White
people who believe in soeial separation, if the
Negro only knew it, are the Negro’s best friends.
The agitation for intermixture being led by the
Communists, Eleanor Roosevelt, Henry Wallace
and others, is creating a bad feeling among the
white people, and it is piling up a backlog of ill-
will which would not exist if the white man was
not afraid that this intermixture was going to
be forced upon him by demagogues, political
fakirs and the actual makers of law. <A few in-
telligent Negro leaders recognize the truth of this,
but they have lost the political leadership of the
Negro race, and the Negroes are following after
the Henry Wallaces, the Hleanor Roosevelts and
the leaders of the Communist Party. White peo-
ple with any commonsense are going to resist this
plot against their welfare.

file of common people will be in agreement with

God save America against all the filthy plets
of Christ-hating Communism, one of which is to -

destroy the dignity, leadership and purity of the
white race.


Order this tract by the bundle and give it away
to your friends. Help win the fight.

This tract may be obtained in bulk for
distribution at the following rates:

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Address all orders to
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Tulsa, Oklahoma

, . i

; Note: Abraham Lincoln favored segregation.
_ Thomas Jefferson favored segregation. Booker
i, ian favered dee ie r

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