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. No, Abraham was a Gentile. His father was a worshipper of 'idols. He not only worshipped idols, but he
taught others to indulge in the same abomination.
And yet God loved Abraham. Indeed, so great
was God's love for this remarkable man, that He
honored him by calling him "my friend." An~ A,b raham has . come down to us in 'history as the only
person in all creation whom God ever called "friend."
What _would you not give, dear reader, if you too
could be called the friend of God? Sometimes we
Jews get the false idea that just because we are Jews,
we are therefore entitled to some sort of charmed
existence, and that God owes us eternal
care and eternal life. Nothing could ·be further from
the truth than this.
Jews in the times of the
Lord Jesus Christ used to boast of this false security,
but one day the prophet John the Baptist said t.o .
"And think not to say within' your.s elves, We
have Abraham to our father: for- I say unto you,
that God is able of th-ese stone·s to r aise up
children unto Abraham" (Matt. 3:9').
In the days of Abraham, the word, "Jew" was unknown. Stich a thing as a Jewish natian was unheard
of, and on every side were only Gentiles. And yet,
God loved Abraham, a Gentile:
It is of supreme importance that every thinking
.Tew should find out why God loved Abraham. The
answer is not hard to find, nor far to ,seek. It is found
in our own Toj ah, in Genes_is 16:6"And he believed in the Lord; and he counted.:
it to him for righteousness. . .
• . " :At that time·. Abraham was one hundred years
old, an.d Sarah liis wife wa.s ·ninety, years -old. Both
of the!ll w;ere beyond all ·human poss'ibility ·of . ever
becomrpg parents. Yet God came. to :Abraham and
�told him, "He that shall come forth out of thine own
bowels shall be thine heir." And Abraham was just
simple enoug.h and trusting enough to believe that
what God had said would come to pass, even though
all human nature indicated that it would be an utter
scientific impossibility.
Long before this incident, our Jewish Talmud tells
us that Abraham had become disgusted with his
father's and mother's idols; and although he had been
brought up in his parents' religion, _his own mind
realized that that religion was vile and was in direct
disobedience to the will of God. And Abraham as a
young boy set his teeth, and turned his feet away
from his father's home, and away from 4is own
kindred, and went forth wherever God would lead
him. If Abrahani had not done that-if he had stayed
by his father and mother, which was the easiest thing
to do-would there be a Jewish nation today?
Listen, you rabbis! Hear us, you so-called Jewish
leaders, who mislead thousands of innocent Jews!
Don't ever again describe a Jew who becomes a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as a "traitor to his
mother's religion." If Abraham had not been a
"traitor" to his mother's religion you would not be a
rabbi today, and you would not be a Jewish leader
today. It is only because we have had such "traitors"
among us-men who have dared to stand for what is
right, and who have gone down to death because of
their fath-it is only because of such ir.ien among
us that God did not destroy the Jewish nation many,
many years ago because of the fulness of their
God sent his only begotten Son into the world
nearly two thousand years ago, thus providing
an answer to Augur's question in the Hebrew
Proverbs, "What is his (God's) son's name?" (Prov.
30:5). God asks us to believe in His Son as the only
Saviour from our sins, as the only person through
whom we may have eternal life. In asking us to do
this, God has required from us exactly the same
exercise of faith which He asked from Abraham
nearly four thousand years ago. Abraham believed
God, but we Jews of today are so much smarter than
Abraham that we refuse to believe God; and we
quibble as to whether the Lord Jesus Christ could
scientifically have been born of a virgin!
Thousands of Gentiles today are actually believing
God, just as A.braham did of old. They are willing to
believe God could and did cause the birth of the Lord
Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary. In so believing,
these Gentiles are exercising exactly the same kind of
faith that Abraham exercised, and so they have become, and God has called them, "the spiritual seed of
Abraham." They are truly God's children, and they
are putting to shame our Jewish nation, because they
believe God, and our Jewish nation does not believe
The synagogues were crowded this Yorn Klppur
as in previous Yorn Kippurs, and thousands of Jews
fasted and prayed and cried to God the whole day
long. But when the day was finished, did they have
any a ssurance that their sins were forgiven? Did
God answer their prayers? No! Listen to what God
says in Isaiah 1 :15.
"And when ye spread forth your hands, I will
hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make
many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are
full of blood."
So, dear reader, you can keep on praying and
fasting until the crack of doom, and your prayers
will get no higher than the beautiful dome of your
synagogue. The reason is that God has provided for
you a way by which your prayers can be a nswered.
If you will not take it, He cannot r eceive you. That
way is through the Lord J esus Christ, who said in
John 14:6.
" I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man
cometh unto the Father, but by me."
How long then will our Jewish people remain
blind? How long will you allow only Gentiles to enjoy
�-all. the .blessings that God bas promised'to· those who
believe in ·the Lord Jesus Christ? Why . not put God
to the test? Just say in your own heart that you
bonestly. do..-want to be .a child of; God, and that you
honestly warit to believe. in the Lord J esus Christ
if God want::; you so to believe. If you will do this
sincer ely, ·and then ask God from the bottom · of y.o ur
heart to show you whether or not the Lord Jesus
Christ is truly your Saviour; we are satisfied to abide
by the reimlts you will receive. Will you try it? Then
you will truly be a child of Abraham, because you
will have the same faith in · Go.d's promises that
Abraham had.
I wou)d be l_ielping some brother today;
Help him to ·sing as he goes on his way;
Help him to pray when the burden is there;.
~elp , ~im' to trust in God's in_finite care.
1 ·would . be t elling what Jesus has done;
Tell of the wonderful love of God's Son;
Tell of His mercy forgiv:ing our sin;
Tell of His blood, and of cleansing within.
· I wo'uld .. be doing, fro~ morni~g till night;
.Finding His service my joy and delight;
Doing His will when the la st shadows fall;
Waking at dawning to answer His call.
-'-Howard T. N. Ussher .
I do l:ere and now accept the Lord Jesus Christ
as my personal Saviour and his sacrificial death on
Calvary as an atonement for all my past sins. I
purpose to s eek a church that believes, preaches and
practices the teachings of this tract, and will worship and work with them.
Signed ............:.............:............................................ .
The S,i·Jv ntion T ract Society. P ittsLu rgh ' 5. P a .

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