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Box 16, Folder 7, Document 15

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180 Davis Street
Lexington, Tennessee
July 10, 1967
The Hon. I van Allen, Jr.
Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Sir:
Referring to your kind let ter of June 21.
I am enclosing a copy of a letter I wrote to James w. Stephens
on June 26, which to my amazement he has ignored. This cruel
corrupt traitorous manager seems to think he is above the
scope of responsibility, and cau defy ~nyone and all justice.
'Thy are he and his accomplice Willard M. Zurflieh protecting
the swindler G. G. Humphries from justice.
He and his accomplice think it is their privilege to obey or
not to obey the Fact Booklet entitled "Your Better Business
Bureau; or to force or not to force disnones t businessmen to
comply with justice; or to protect or not to protect buyer s
from dishonest businessmen. He should memorize Policy gr oups,
One, Two, and Three. If you ran your organizations accordingly
your policemen would have the fr ivilege to enforce or not to
enforce laws, which absolutelyIIsnot the law of our democracy.
All Better Business Bureaus are incorporated or licensed by
law for their managers to impartially protect honest buyers
from dishonest businessmen, obey the Fact Booklet entitled
"Your Better Bus iness Bur eau , force dishonest busine s smen to
comply with justice, to work in close co-operation with
municipal, state, and federal bodies, aud certainly not to
protect swindlers as dishonest businessmen from justice.
Why is it not possible to institute some kind of legal proceedings which will permanently remove James w. SteJJhens as
manager of the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta, Georgia.
I have suffered very much and have been vic~imized for
months and months at the hands of these three criminals.
My status is becoming unberable.
I would like to hear from you and have your advice by return
Yours sincere l y,

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