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2c. ( “4 qu ‘) Ow \h vAC Cima


“Dedicated to Fight Communism”

VOL. 2, NO. 7 & 8


Leninists Plan Provocations To Violence—

Prepare For Strategic Moment —

The following quotation comes from the Collected Works of Lenin.
It is the bones and sinew of the Communist Conspiracy in our Nation,


“Take advantage of the clumsiness of the enemy and attack him

at the time when he least expects
attack. Readiness for action must be
constant—thus: Today we are faced
with the task of organizing and sup-
porting students to demonstrate; to-
morrow, perhaps we may be support-
ing or leading a movement of the un-
employed. But teday we must take
advantage of a strained political sit-
uation; in order to capitalize over
public indignation, a boycott, a dem-
onstration, a strike might have to be
organized. Only Communists thus
trained in action could at a strategic
moment issue the call for the decis-
ive battle.” (Vol. IJ, pp. 21-22)

The Communists have meticulously
and zealously carried out the above
directive for decades. They have chos-
en the South as the area in which
they hope to provoke a violence that
could throw our nation into civil strife
for their “decisive battle.”

Hundreds of identified Communists,
therefore, have been colonized in the
South to attain this objective. In this
long planned Conspifacy, they have
been able to win the support, through
hidden identity and purposc, of thour-
ands of unwitting Americans.

A few of these clearly identified
Communists are: Isobel Cerney, Edwin
Cerney, Ed Beck, Harvey Richards,
James Dumbrowski, Prof. Harry C.
Steinmetz, Dr. Holland Roberts, Aub-
rey Williams, Carl Braden, Casey
Gurewitz, Anne Braden, Frank Don-
ner and Carl Bloise. They work with
sadistic joy as their plot materializes
step by step far beyond their wildest

Most Communists work in organiza-
tions such as C.O.RE, NAACP,
Muslims, S.C.L.C., Southern Confer-
ence Educational Fund, and Student
Non-Violent Coordinating Committee,
All of these organizations profess to
work in the “interest of Southern wel.
fare and especially on behalf of the
Negro people.” Actually, the American
Negro is being used as a pawn by
these Soviet conspirators for the pur-
pose of fanning the flames of racial
hatred as an expediency for the larg-

ae. 7

PLES Pre ,


The defense of the cherished free-
doms secured and handed down to
»us by our forefathers is the respon-
sibility of each American. Know-
ledge of the enemy, alertness to the
danger, and everyday patriotism?
$are the brick and mortar with
which we can build an impreg-
nable fortress against Communism.
Only the intelligent efforts of all ¢
Americans can prevent the decay
of public apathy from laying open
our Nation to the Red menace.

John Edgar Hoover 2?
‘ Director, FBI

Vpererderer a ow oo)


er aims serving the Soviet Union and
its subservient organization in the
United States.

Communists, such as Carl Bloise,
Holland Roberts, Harvey Richards and
Ed Beck race back and forth from the

South to the North, relating highly
dramatized, inflamatory outright lies

via the press, radio, mavies, podium
and television about “police brutality”
in the South. In this way they serve
their Kremlin masters well. It is their
goal, as set forth by their leader, Len-
in, to provoke a violent clash between
White and Negro citizens in the South,
of such magnitude, that civil strife
could inevitably follow in the North
and West.

President Kennedy has played into
the hands of the revolutionaries by
sending “standby” troops to Birming-
ham. This action condones and stim-
ulates more and larger demonstrative
actions and undermines respect for
the lecal law enforcing agencies,

Fortunately for America, the white
citizens have not been provoked into
violence. They are staying away from
the troubled areas, and are leaving
the city and state agencies to enforce
the laws and ordinances of Birming-

Negro Leader Speaks
The Truth

President Kennedy recently, in ef-
fect, called for capitulation to the
Leninist tactic of demonstrative pres-
sures to attain red objectives, when
he stated that we must give and yield
to “peaceful revolution without blood-
shed” on the civil rights issue.

The entire so-called “Negro Libera-
tion Movement” is a monstrous fraud
initiated years ago by the Kremlin.
Every citizen should recognize it as
such. The President is yielding to the
organized, communist - led minority.
Any violence, any bloodshed resulting
around this issue would stem from
communist provocation.

The following statement by a great
Negro citizen, Donald Warden, chair-
man of the Afro-American Associa-
tion, on June 4, 1963, completely wipes
out the left-wing administration atti-
tude on desegregation: “After 100
years of spending millions of dollars,
time and energy fighting for desegre-
gation, we still are dropping out and
flunking out of school, our welfare
dependents are living in slums and
are lacking in racial pride and know-
ledge of our African past. . . look to
yourselves and stop trying to emu-
late the white man. Stop using bleach-
ing creams and hair straighteners.
The future of the Afro - American
people will depend upon racial pride,
initiative, building well effic
ient businesses and factories and re-
ducing crime, alcoholic consumption
and dependence on welfare.”

He concluded by urging all Negroes
to live in dignity and to solve their
problems through self-help. He fur-
ther declared that the National Assoc-
iation for the Advancement of Color-
ed People has had little effect upon
the masses of Afro-Americans,

This profound and brave analysis
by this great American is the truth,
and applies to all national minority
groups; the Negro, the Irish, the Jew,
the Pole, the German. The pride, dig:
nity, and initiative of minority groups
expressed for generations in our com-
petitive free enterprise system is what
has made America by far the great-
est nation in the world. Let’s keep it
that way, Mr. President.


ed effic- —


r = (aes a a a

Luther King, Communist Directed
Martin Luther King, Jr., becoming more arrogant, threw caution
: to the winds when he used the mailing plates of the Communist
| National Guardian last mon or the distribution of thousands of —
___ letters in which he personally appealed for funds for the “solidifica-
y tion of our movement to carry forward the fight . . . deeper into

the: South.”
__, There should be no doubt, therefore,
} that Luther King works hand in glove
____| with the revolutionaries, since the
|_| National Guardian is described by the
7 “California Committee on Un-Ameri-
| ean Activities’ in 1961 as “a medium
| for spreading of the most vicious kind

| | of Communist propaganda; this pub-

lication ranks with the People’s World
in California and the Daily Worker in
_ New York. In recent months, it has

of the others com-

outstripped both
bi Seah eats irade of Communist
jaaganda and abuse against our

| government and our cherished insti-
oo The National Guardian is
iso listed as subversive in the “Guide
- to Subversive Organizations and Pub-
____ lieations,” issued by the U.S. Govern-
f | ment Printing Office, and described
as a “virtual official propaganda arm


|" <Gfie fhe: eae Union.” ey
. _King, who today represents the epit-
omy of minority mobocracy pressure,

mo st C omm nists. The following
only a few of his associations: South-
ern Co nference Educational Fund,
_ American Committee on Africa, Brad-
en Clemency Appeal (initiator of),
‘Statement Calling for Cancellation of
Nuclear Weapons Tests, Fellowship of
_ Reconciliation, Highlander Folk School,

, Liberation Magazine, National Com-
mittee for Sane Nuclear Testing, Com-
___-mittee to Eliminate the House Com-
mittee on Un-American Activities,


_ Fund, War Resisters League.
~ | Sfunter Pitts ODe , dedicated Len-
_ inist and former district organizer of

mmunist ¢ ahaa
POS sO aR aS

by Martin Luther
, Within the Southern Chris-
dership Con ome He is, re-
orted to be most influential in di-
ecting the mass pressure strategy of
| ‘King in


responsible position

clan Ls

—- r

ing in the cause of the communist
objective: that of sub provoking
=... $e.

- a ae


§ subversion.

a Copy—25 cents

-Wing causes than

Sou hern Conference Educational ’

$ + Hundreds of thousands of this issue can be invaluable in the fight against
5 rae ;
¢ Wire or write immediately to “HEADS UP,” :

My P.O. Box 6519, San Diego 6, Calif.

100 to 1000 Copies—10 cents per copy

1000 to 5000 Copies—8 cents per copy
Special Rates for Orders Over 5000

- $3.00 PER YEAR

a_violence_that could be catastrophic
or our Nation. —
Seat credible that this man, who
megaphones the communist object-
ives, is daily receiving plaudits and
encouragement from our Administra-
tion in Washington and Sacramento.

‘Heads Up" Appeal
Publication In Need

Contributions are needed to sus-
tain “Heads Up.” We are grateful to
all who have sent in contributions
and subscribed, as a result of our
appeal in the last issue. However,
the response has not been enough
to continue publication much longer.

All labor, such as folding, addres-
sing, writing and filing, is volun-
tary. In all candor, its costs approx-
imately six hundred dollars to print
and mail out each issue and there
is a@ balance of $158.00 in “Heads
Up” account.

“Heads Up” humbly suggests that
all those individuals and organiza-
tions who are its supporters, as evi-
denced by the thousands of encour-
aging letters, enter into a concerted
and continuous effort to raise funds
and to obtain subscriptions now,
and in the immediate future.



yin New Became ‘THE. 1962, California
ae ae Election ABU.

The injunction and suit against it has
been quashed. ;
Order Your Copy Now. 50 cents
Box 6519, San Diego 6, California

April-May, 1963

U.N. Intervention
Red Objective

As we go to press it has been reli-
ably learned from unimpeachable
sources that a resolution is soon to
be presented to the United Nations
Security Council that “it immediately
intervene in those areas of the United
States in which civil strife is preval-
ent or imminent.”

It is in anticipation of just this pos-
sibility that communists, through hid-
den identity, are quickly directing
such organizations as the N.A.A.C.P.,
the Muslims, the Committee on Racial
Equality, and the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference into the red
tactics of mass demonstrations, mar-

ches, picketing, strikes, sit-ins, etc.,_

in the densely populated Negro areas
of such industrial cities as Los Ange-
les, New York, Chicago, Detroit, San
Francisco and Washington, D.C. It is
their purpose to subtly provoke vio-
lence through these actions, that could
‘Sustify” intervention by the United
Nations Police Force.

If this resolution is passed, it could
only be blocked by our veto privilege
as defined in the United Nations
Charter. Will then our Administration
veto this action that could destroy our
sovereignty as a Nation overnight? If
our Nation does not veto, the World
Police Force would be brought into
action and the United States, as a
result, could return to “normalcy”
only by the establishment of a “ben-
evolent democratic dictatorship to pro-
tect the freedoms of the Negro people.”

Is all of this far fetched, or “fright
peddling” as Senator Kuchel would
have the citizenry believe? No, it is
not. This is one of the major func-
tions of the United Nations. And the
United States is a “proud” member of
this monstrous Soviet inspired institu-

And yet, despite this immediate and
obvious threat, right under their very
noses, “Good Americans” Gov. Brown,
Sen. Kuchel, and Pres. Kennedy as-
sure all Americans that (quote
Brown): “The voice of the far left has
faded to whisper.” If it has “faded to
a whisper,” it is only because the
Governor, the Senator, and the Presi-
dent have, indeed, themselves become
representative of the far left.

These men, high in office, this very
day are condoning and giving aid and
comfort to those who are using the
well-planned old communist tactic
that could provoke civil strife.

The United Nations, from the begin-
ning, has been organized by the Com-
munist International as its instrumen-
tality for conquest of the United
States and the world.

All Americans must immediately in-
tensify their efforts manifold to get
the United States out of the United
Nations right now. Write your Con-
gressman immediately,

April-May, 1963 HEADS UP

Red “Educators” Concentrate In South—
Georgia Negro Colleges Main Target

Edwin H. Cerney, communist “art

Zynn and Foster. Both have been asso-
ciated with left-wing causes and out-
right communist front organizations.

educator,’ who was dismissed from
Stockton College, California, in 1950
for refusing to sign the loyalty oath,
is now teaching at Spelman College,
Georgia, Cerney, for more than two
decades an active foreign agent, is
one of the many Reds who have been
sent to the South to sow the seeds of
Leninism and rebellion amongst stu-
dents. He has been identified as ex-
tremely active in the California Bay
Area from 1950 to 1958, at which time
he departed, as directed, for Atlanta,
Georgia, with his wife, Isobel Cerney,
an. international communist emissary.

“Red Artist” Cerney, in addition to
having been identified as a commun-
ist cadre, has been associated with
more than two score communist-front

Accompanying Cerney and residing
on the campus is his wife, Isobel Cer-
ney. She has been and is by far the
most active agent of the two, She has,
over the years, traveled as a commun-
ist international emissary throughout
the world.

She perjured herself in 1948 when
she filed to run for Congress in Cali-
fornia when she swore she was not a
communist. Her principal activities
have been and are today within the
varied “peace organizations” such as
Women’s League for Peace and Free-
dom (communist front), Sane Nuclear
Testing, as well as the “Negro libera-
tion” organizations. She has now, as
in the past, together with her hus-
band, become associated with the var-
ious Quaker committees. She and her
associates at Spelman are active in
the varied sit-ins, picketing, march-
ing and demonstrating conducted by
the “Student Non-Violent Coordinating

of .“psychology” pore a

Steinmetz, who was dismisse

San Diego State College, California, in
February, 1954, for his Red activities,
is now teaching “Soviet” psychology
at Spelman. He appeared before the
House Committee on Un - American
Activities in 1956, and resorted to the
Fifth Amendment when questioned as
to his communist party membership.
Governor Brown of California, who
was at that time the Attorney Gen-
eral, vehemently stated that “teachers
who stand on their constitutional
rights before witch hunting commit-
tees” could not be fired.

Steinmetz, a many-times identified
communist, is carrying on his Red-
directed tactics at Spelman College
very much in the same manner as he
has for more than three decades, His
activities parallel those of the Cer-
neys. '

Two other “educators,” who ably
work with the Cerneys and Steinmetz
at Spelman College, are Professors


Professor G. Murray Branch is, un-
questionably, the most vociferous left
educator at Morehouse College and in
the entire Georgia Negro College Sys-
tem. This “red fronter’’ has over the
years been associated with more than
34 different commieline ventures,
many of which were outright Red
fronts. The following are a few of his
documented activities: American Com-
mittee for the Protection of Foreign
Born, Committee for the Appeal for
Amnesty for Communists Convicted
Under the Smith Act, Committee to
Secure Justice for Morton Sobell, Brief
Amici Curiae for the Communist Par-
ty, International Workers Order, Na-
tional Committee to Repeal the Mc-
Carran Act, National Council for Arts,
Sciences and Professions, Southern
Conference Educational Fund, South-
ern Negro Youth Congress.

A close red-fronter at Moorehouse
College, to Prof. Branch, is Benjamin E.
Mays, who has been closely aligned
with more than 32 activities of the

Other “educators” who rally around
Branch and Mays are Brailaford R.
Brazeal, John Hope and Rev. Samuel
W. Williams.


The left-wing powerhouse at Clark
College is James P. Brawley, active in
the Methodist Federation for Social
Action, and the Southern Conference
Educational Fund.


Professor Rufus E. Clement has a
long and continuous background of
outright communist front activities,
principally: American Committee for
the Protection of Foreign Born, Ameri-
can, Counci


on. S, nis Southern eos i ae t ok 1 so
gress on- : il Rienes — ne “wh ers pat Brio s rT ece i ved,
Youth Congress, Southern C mrerence’ and more than four times the esti-

Educational Fund, National Council
of the Arts, Sciences and Professions.

Independent Socialist, Lonnie Cross,
has widespread influence amongst
the student body in his varied left
activities. —


Working together along the left line
at this college are Frank W. Clelland
and Charles B, Gopher, having been
active in such organizations as the
National Federation of Constitutional
Liberties, Win the Peace Conference,
Southern Conference Educational

The above documented information
on Red concentration in Georgia was
gathered by the editor of “Heads Up”
during his recent speaking trip
through the South. Obviously, these
“educators” are only a few of the

(Continued on Page 4, Column 1)

earned a median come of 8

Editorial —
Civil Rights

Most of the American press has
backed the recent demonstrative act-
ions in our Nation for the “civil rights —
and liberation of the Negro people.”
The theory, obviously, is that there
should be “civil rights for the Negro,
but not necessarily for the white citi-
zens. For the “civil rights” for the
Negro, is to associate with anyone he
pleases, in schools, housing, ete. But
the white man’s “civil rights” ge: “


more limited: he is nee ee ‘
to decide where he shall live, eat and
where his children shall go to school.
In short, it is the theory of sacrificing
the white citizens on the altar of Neg- —
ro “rights.” This whole theory is of
communist origin. aRSO aes
Negro Progress Rapid
What is the true status of our Negro \

citizenry? They have made more pro-
gress up the economic ladder in the ~
last 100 years than any other race— Ps
white, yellow or red—ever made in

1,000 years of history. From a condi- —
tion of absolute slavery 100 years ago,
the Negro citizen has risen to a poin
where he now fares better than ae
Europeans—better paid, better housed


slay |

and ignorance to an economic status 4
superior to the average Fre ichman, —_..
the average Italian, and the average
citizen of West Germany. “— : .

Economic Advances |

Today the millions of Negro citi- .*

zens have a total yearly income of
approximately $25 Dillion. _
of 1958 reveal that the Ame
ro citizen worked a full

and better educated. From

is much more today) meaning that _
half the Negro werkers recelved more
than this and half received less. That
p 3 A : ave r-

mated $800 that the average worker
in the Soviet Union received. Twenty-
four years ago the median income for
the American Negro was $639, less
than one-fourth what he Teceives O-
day. - = a

Demonstrtive, mass - pressure com- —
munist tactics were not responsi
for this progress. It was the > pees
evolutionary process that is derived
from our God-given free ente .
system, that rewards through ini
tive, ingenuity and desire to PrOReSS
The Negro citizen has done exceed-
ingly well, and will continue; unless”
they become involved and engulfed
by the revolutionary tactic as em-— i
ployed by Martin Luther ‘King, Tt, x

and his communist associates. His
tactic can lead to the destruction of i
our free enterprise and with it both AK
the status world-wide of both Negro
and White. —~" ?

— yi

Page 4


The reeall of Governor Brown and
Tom Braden was suggested in the last
issue of “Heads Up” as a means of
ridding the State Administration of a
leadership that has flagrantly disre-
garded the mandate of the citizenry;
to scrap the collectivist-socialist type
of “progressive” education. The Gov-
ernor has become an instrumentality
of the minority organization, the
strong, left-wing, communist generat-
ed California Democratic Councils.

He has also established an unchal-
lengeable record of appeasing, collab-
orating and capitulating to commun-
ist objectives as set forth by the Cali-
fornia Democratic Councils; and con-
finues to have association with ident-
ified communists.

He recently condoned and encour-
aged the communist tactic of the sit-
down demonstration by members of
the Committee on Racial Equality, a
communist instrumentality. The sit-
down in Sacramento was a public
nuisance and in violation of the tres-
passing code. Brown’s approval of this
Red tactic can set a precedent for
similar Red activities that can result
in provocation to violence.

“Heads Up” is grateful for the
scores of letters from the many citi-
zens who want to start circulating
recall petitions at once.

The Ad Hoc Committee will, in the
next issue of “Heads Up,” call for a
conference of all Californians inter-
essted in “Good American” Brown’s
recall. At that time the Ad Hoc Com-
mittee will be replaced by. a duly
elected permanént committee; and the
recall] movement will be put into gear.

The Governor and the Chairman of
the Board of Education can and must
be recalled. Citizens interested are
urged “a continue sending letters to



(Continued from Page 3, Column 2)
hundreds who have entrenched them-
selves in Negro colleges.

The Attorney General of the United
States has this information, and much
more. Rather than warn and threat
Americans in different States of our
Union with Federal sanctions, troop-
intervention, bloodshed and violence,
he should immediately invoke the
‘Walter: McCarran Act. He should sub-
pene: the scores of commiefronters

efore the Subversive Control Board.

‘does he not do this? Because the
integration. issue is a@ big political
vote media for 1964. The Kennedy ad-
ministration has thrown its lot in
with the left-wing of our Nation and
feel that the left-wing can perpetuate

them in office in 1964, They, there-

fore, are not prosecuting communists.
They feel that by apprehending com-
PRs they would antagonize the

Set Bete: « anton, through. the, “liberc gl-intellectua ze



The editor is proud to introduce this new column “UNDERCOVER” in tribute
to the many undercover agents for the F.B.I. now working under much strain
and hardship within the network of the communist conspiracy. They all know
that some day they will be called to come forth and testify before many govern-
mental agencies; and in so doing, will subject themselves to vicious social, econ-
omic and possible physical attrition generated by communists. Many, who have
surfaced, have dropped from the public eye as a defensive media, and some have
since perished. “Heads Up” will present one such great American in this column
in each issue. It is hoped that citizens knowing the whereabouts of former under-
cover agents will contact Karl Prussion, Box 6519, San Diego 6, California. They
are much needed now in the showdown fight against communism.

April-May, 1963


Julia Clarice Brown served her country under great duress and with much
sacrifice as an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation from
late in the summer of 1951 until May of 1960. She was the principal witness at
a hearing held in Washington, D.C., on June 4, 5, 6 and 7, 1962. She, therefore,
is the most recent undercover agent to come forth. Her testimony, throughout,
completely exposes the fallacy that “there is no threat from within” as ex-
pounded repeatedly by Attorney General Kennedy and the many so-called

Mrs. Brown’s testimonoy, once again, reveals the total disregard that the
communists have for the welfare of the Negro citizenry. She repeatedly pointed
out that the communists are ecstatic about Negro problems, and use them to
foment hatred and civil strife in our Nation. She vividly describes the commun-
ists’ carefully planned infiltration into the N.A.A.C.P,

She describes communist methods in fund raising, and the implementation of
“anited front’ tactics, which were prescribed as the “chief task” of the com-
munists at the December 1959 National Communist Party Convention.

Especially interesting and disturbing was her testimony showing communist
intrigue relating to the infiltration of church organizations. Mrs. Brown was act-
ive in such organizations as the N.A.A.C.P., Sojourners for Truth and Justice, the -
National Negro Labor Council, the Progressive Party, Committee for the Pro-
tection of Foreign Born, Bill of Rights Conference.

The activities of more than 100 communists currently and formerly residing
in the Cleveland area were described in her testimony.

Her testimony was most productive and of infinite value to America. She
resides in California and is daily continuing her fight against communism by
lecturing and writing, despite the vicious and cruel economic and social attri-
tion directed against her by the communists and the “intellectual-liberal” ele-
ment in our Nation.

America owes a great debt to this outstanding citizen, Julia Clarice Brown.

ciples, as set forth by our American
Heritage, and come forth in a fight

against the subtle communist con-
piracy can, must and will win in 1964.

thousands of hidden identity com-
munists who could generate opposi-

ion movement.

Their deductions, as opportunists,
are wrong. A slate of candidates,
either Republican, Democrat or Inde-
pendent, that will stand on the prin-

BOX 6519

All Americans are urged to get into
political activities now. The Kennedys
and their staunch lackeys must be re-
turned to civilian life in 1964.


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