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Martin Luther King's Record
Angered House Leaders; Subcommittee Plan To Counter
King Demonstrations
By Throwing Spotlight on Aspects of His Life and
q (;J.. 1.-/'t:_ ,7
By Robert Allen & P~t4 Scott
WASHINGTON, Aug. 21-Pow- nent Investigating Subcommittee
erful leaders in Congress are plans a full-scale probe of rerolling up their big guns for cent race riots, reports that the
their coming confrontation with inquiry will go into King's acDr. Martin Luther King.
tivities. Several ex-FBI agents,
Their Big Bertha-the contents familar with the background of
of the FBI's file on King - has King and also of the officials of
been examined and readied for SNCC, will be employed by the
firing by a House Appropria- committee.
With these and other bombtions subcommittee headed by
~ Representative John J. Rooney,
shells fused to ignite, congresD-N. Y., a strong civil rights sional leaders are privatelypre• advocate.
dieting the Second Coming" of
Subcommittee. members are King, as his Washington disonow discussing with House lead- J::>edience campaign is being calle ers how -and when this untold ed, could be a nasty, violent

part of the intriguing King story affair.

a should be released to the AmeriThe legislators also believe
can people. This story includes the fireworks could explode a lot
details of those directing and in- of myths about King.
fluencing his activities.
ese eg1s tors are taking
THE VIETNAM FRONT-Comthe position that King's public munist leaders in Hanoi are takdeclaration of war on Congress ing an interesting view of next
leaves members no other course month' s presidential elections in
than to throw the spotlight on South Vietnam.
some un ublici ed aspects of the
While Johnson administration
militant civil rights leaaer's life officials here are contending that
own only to a Jew high the elections should help solve.
officials and a handful of FBI· or ease S,outh Vietnam's political crisis, the Communists take
The subcommittee members just the opposite view.
Their analysis, beginning to
have told the House leaders, who·
are King's main targets, that appear in official Communist
. the FBI has unimpeachable evi- publications, takes the line that
aence 10 c I u d 10 g hoto r~hs the September 3 elections will
s owmg
t King is now listen- actually deepen the political
ing to a man who is clearl
crisis in Saigon.
eres ed in destroying
"These elections," a recent
he U. S. than in the plight o article in Hanoi' s daily Nhan
e1 er
e egro or ffie war- Dan states, " will further exasweary people of V'letnam,
perate internal contradictions
· ccor mg to these legisla- plaguing the ranks of U. S. oflOI'.S be E BT bas .carefullir__doc:.~,-,_--=f=ic=i=a=
l s'-"'in"'""'
= _,,,an""d= wi'-"l..,._
�for ce Washington to look for a
way out."
As the Communists see it,
the elections will widen the differences between U. s. military
and political objectives in South
The Nhan Dan article, being
carefully studied by u. s. intelligence, p4ts it this way:
"The elections will highlight
the inconsistent attitude of the
Americans in Saigon, where the
military group of General William Westmoreland supports the
Thieu-Ky military and AmbasKING'S OBJECTIVES - As re-. sador Bunker and his group opported in this column on August pose them because of the need
4, eleven days before King re- for a political settlement."
According to u. S. intelligence
vealed his new strategy in his
headline-making attack on Con- sources, the Nhan Dan article
gress in Atlanta, the Nobel Prize is significant because it spells
winner is planning to lead mas- out Hanoi's new belief that the
sive demonstrations and "sit u. S. will use the elections to
find a way out of Vietnam.
ins" here this fall.
In the past, Hanoi's official
The attacks against Congress
a re part of King's over-all cam- line was that the U. S. planned
paign to establish a political to step up the war after the
"third force" by 1968 composed elections, including a possible
of militant civil rights, peace, landing north of the demilitarized
zone. This possibly now is being
student, and labor groups.
Significantly, the Rev. James played down.
Bevel, another mg 1eu enant
organizing his civil disobedience
campaign for Washington, is than 100 suspected Communist
described in the F BI file as agents, including a number on
King's link with the Student N.on.. the government's payroll, have
violent Coordinatin Committee been arrested in Saigon within
e officials of this the past six weeks by South
m i l i t a n t group are urging Vietnamese security officials.
Negroes to follow the path of Among those picked up were a
violent revolution in the u. s. , Vietnamese ar my officer who
headed the biggest government
~ ~ p r eac h es non7
·violence, continues to confer with ordnance ,depot in the country.
these SNCC officials whenever The arrested Vietnamese officer
Bevel sets up the meetings, ac- confessed he was planning to
cording to the FBI files. It also blow up the depot before the
quotes King as telling a gr oup September elections. He also r eof left- wing students , " We don' t vealed that his communications
need to talk mean, we need to with Hanoi were sent via Paris.
'a'et mean."
The South Vietnam security ofA10es of Senator John Mc- ficials were assisted in tracking
(Continued on Page 5)
Clellan, D-Ark. , whose Per mamented that this adviser of King
has been one of the Communist
Party's biggest money raisers
in Uiis country.
The confidential FBI file, they
report, cites instances of material this adviser has prepared
for King's vicious attacks on
Congress and the U. S. in general, The adviser is credited
with drafting King's statements
describing Congress as "wild
with racism" and describing the
U. S. as "the greatest purveyor
of violence in the world today."
.l .

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