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—<—Cjc:DC 3

TEL. JA. 2-4463 EXT. 321

flouting Codi Entire-an
Report of mum at lads
need“: 15, 19“


(a) m. A amid 3mm Court 1: hold ml: Think} and till usher of
am hard w: an ability of available perm! ta propan- uul puns:
ems. At tin and of m. 19“, 335 Housing Code Cm. but m triad 111
Manual court with tint}. fin“ cf 37,9179 lupus“ by tilt court.

(5) W. I. planned ”lunatic mm cod. Mm: pm:-

uuch proud“ for mu:- mum. and Mam at all «human mum

in aha city by that all a! 1969 In. no. ”I“ in 00!)th with tho Pm
W. This man mail:- a! an urn-date Ming mum I!” with
prim-i=1.“ mankind for proposed an: of mm: and :- Policy at! PM"
Guilt. momswprurnmbmmmwdh chant-but“! Gaunt-co!
ch Inn! a! 11m all "£ch to th- rill-Ian Oil-tun In asthma“ of
additional pariah-1 urn-“tun tmlnd. A plan-d mtmua gm for floating
God. “totem in nun-tin]. 1: ch. City in to an: haiku]. «quiz-nuts far ro-
uulfuaiu of Atlanta's WI. m:- for m lull-v.1 1. Inch. 1’55.

(1:) m. Attach-d hermit! u a up”: “(luau tha all-bar of limit“:
impacted. nuts huh“. human mind. ltd... {glutu thu III-hr of nut:-
Lqu m “uranium and unit! to null-uh} banana and than an“: of unit:
land for no menu..- of animal “in. Ha Inert h unlit. through “It.

1!“. faucet“ mu mm mm math-mot 1m.

-—--.-...-.-...—.....____.____..__._._.______._ .___...._.._._._._. 0......- ...

...-__~.‘ “1— -. uur—, .u.

.-_1 m ..—n.—.;—...-.


Housing code enforcement - Doc. 15, 19“ _ has 2.
(d) W. insults at the Housing Code entered-at offer: to deco have
prom the and for armor Code provisions. Several mt! to the Housing
code Ian recently been “opted to clarify and strontium the code. The mt.
Wont at then on:
Section 115.12. lo building. pit-hint. electrical or see or other
”unit for on addition, alteration or fl’llt of existing Macedon-d
dwelling mil: shall be tuned until ouch tile as on We“. of the
property he: boon "do to deter-inn tho feasibility of “Militant!
of not: dwelling unit or mito.
Section 110.13. Utility union shall not he provided to any niacin;
molt outstation-d dwelling unit or any substation! «11mm:
boon-ins m until each evening unit: bu been inspected and
enough: we min-en with em a... and o valid certificate oi
my has been imod.
ho- tho adoption of then m: on Juno 15. 19“. through Mr. 196‘.
a. We! Inoctrieoi Innate: hoe discounted electrical mice in 1'13 "out,
mania“ honing unite; ouch "Moo will on be restored until the “mum
in» bone rehabilitate to m: m win-eats of ”a. mm M.


(3) W. In order to inspect .11 wheeled-rd “nine within tho city by
1970, 5 additional housing imputat- will be required on provided to: in the
pinned oymuo progr- e! flouting God. atom. The budget row to:
1965 mm o romeo: tor the “ovulation-d additional inmotoro cod ooo

chm“ mitt... Additional technical inspectors as requested in the 1965 budget
are urgently needed.

(5) W- It the We of living eolfltiooo all
"to: film titanium: the bulked one! of the city in to to mum

Min. code Inference: .. not. 15, 1!“ _ rose 3.

m mu. can. mm. 1: ie many an: definite and continued
ouietenee he obtained {tn other We try pm: reporting of obvious
Violette» to the leading me eed 1:er ettion upon condition referred

to the. on item within their juridietioo. i'erciculer eeeietme will be required
St. the may Devon-eat oe for no clean-up of pro-line end we! of junk
automobile: is concerned end tn- the Count-action Report-Int for street end
lid-mil: inter-nu them the perils of one mud ottoete in older ereee
of the city. The 2m heart-en con mint eetetielly in recording «stately
the cube: end general ooeditioo of housing in ereee notified to: ooeeoottoted liming
cede m: effort and ty «bonito; the rout of the one: for mm“
treat-out at when lone-I1 projecto.

U (e) mm. mm: m heve in. held with up at; Attomy who 1.
preterit; legalitie- abet-by the city on proceed “In I.” excite: eehetenderd
pm. Mum pent: theoity uprated mm: mm orb-414mm
will enlieete difficultioo with out-ohm encore, comet. hometown. etc...
ouch heve conned more.

So on m1 that mum: resistance can to enacted to require
“outinelhwmehmmmmupeflmmt. Mruietiq 1m

e eettohctery oolotiom

('0 mall-mitt thorax-III:
1. may dim e! on can eitheet “we old name.
2. I: mining We fieee oboe minim for deletion he“


3. fiWMhti-eeeh-emlemiemudofen

mmm-m.u,mfi 2.3.4.

(.5 W o! the mm is mac-ma: end a e field in which
the citinte “View Mttee tell he namely helpful. Penieipotioc by oil um

“die. cidemeudhuimemtimemldbeetiuudtowiutepefl
melee the no“. end to acute m oooperetion firm the public.

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