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June 18, 1969

Mr. Jeremiah Luxemburger


Atlanta Children and Youth Services

1201-B-City Hall

3900 First National Bank Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Dear Jerry:

This letter is written to formally submit my resignation as Executive
Director of the Youth Council, effective August 1, 1969,

The past two years have been most rewarding for me in spite of our ups
and downs in the Council.

I want to thank the Board for its support of the Council and me during
my short stay. But special thanks should go to you, Margaret, Bob,
Mike, Franklin, Fletcher and Clarence for the support, patience and
the real "elbow grease" you have given to the Council and to me per=

Honestly, I believe that we are now almost ready to do some real pro-
gramming in the Council.

Since I shall be right here in town, I will be happy to assist the work
of the Council in any ways that I can. Please feel free to call on me
and have my successor to do likewise, if he so desires.

My present plans are to carry out a dual "phase in and phase out" pro-
cess simultaneously. This way, the hardship on the new Director of the
Council might be minimized and I will be able to better acquaint myself
with the "Y" job.



i John W. Cox

Mr, Jeremiah Luxemburger
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June 18, 1969

I hope we can get together very soon and complete any phasing out and de-
briefing on the Council's business.

I believe that I am entitled to accumulated annual leave pay for a period
from May 1, 1967 to the present. This would come to about four weeks or
twenty (20) working days. As you know, I have not had a vacation since I
started working for the Council. Therefore, I would expect my pay to
continue to August 1,,1969; I expect to be on vacation in July.

I should hope that by that time, most of the things I have up in the air
will be settled or settling down.

Thanks again to the Mayor, the Board of Directors of the Council and es-
pecially to the Executive and YOP Committees for a most challenging ex-
perience*with the City Govermment.

I remain


ao eee

Executive Director Mayor Allen

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