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nation has ever lived—Decency!

And what is decency?—the right to live and die without fear; the right to
ive among friends and family; the right to dié in peace amidst quiet tears, hoping

S oe ( to find a place beside God.
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The best bill of goods any nation ha
~ of goods by which any nation can survive; the only bill of goods by which this

This is worth fighting for; this is worth killing for; so that good peopl
Mf hos{ @ SN may keep their world a decent place in which to live and die.

The world belongs to the good people. Every highway and every sea lane
must be open to the good men and women of every land so they may pursue hap-


ever had; the only bill






piness, with its bread and laughter, finding God in their own way, be it in a garden
>< among flowers or-in a temple among strangers. In the dank darkness settling over 5”
&A most of the world it is getting on toward midnight. Past that zero deadline looms #
Y a dawn splashed with blood, streaked with hate.

That dawn must never come. That dawn must and can be stopped by the —

nited States.

Hitler has spit in the face of every decent man and woman in the world.
He has spit in the face of every child, in the faces of the men and women who
follow God, be they Jew, Protestant or Catholic. |

Hitler must be killed and all the others who would be Hitlers. must go

with him to his grave.

The United States must declare war against Germany and with this decla-
ration adda simple clause condemning to death Hitler and his agents, The inter-

jor, whes*

national gangland must go.

* is the credo, the declaration of a citizen, a citizen who
‘ies in God, his country, his family, his friends and would
‘© to keep all of them intact.
! have never Known much about praying but since this
*+s0ess fell upon the world I have been praying for my coun-
staying not alone that she comes ‘through but will make it
"le for all other good peoples and good countries to come
_-ma into a decent dawn of another day, a lasting day of
Thad never prayed before save in some emergency affecting
‘site or children, In my own dangers I have always been
eed to pray for myself, feeling that I’ll be forgiven this
et HI ask good things only for my family.
_ had now an emergency falls upon my country and I pray
veos. But prayers are not enough,
‘ oe strike and strike first. One doesn’t fight a snake
Ane unul it vhas struck with its deadly fangs. ‘Those
5 er already proved fatal to» fourteen countries, the
- > Sf which no longer walk in the garden among their!
“ers and thei§ God,
i a Many of us who do not understand a great many
feat Our Cuntry. We don’t understand the hesitancy,
fasion. “PersRpatly, I don’t understand the kindof, fre
oe we have howadgys. I don’t know what free specolr fs . . .
‘ ¥ never heard it skgisfactorily defined. I kpow what free
‘8 shouldn't be. Tt Wag defined by azgeeat Justice whose

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Aesifel oAelw of 45

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name I have forgotten. In handing down a decision he declared _,
that free speech, even under a Democracy, did not permit a man
to yell fire in a crowded theater. I don’t understand why we are
permitting men and women, high in the walks of American life, .
to scream fire in a crowded theater—the fire of isolation, the fire
of appeasement, the fire of defeatism.

There are many things I don’t understand but I think that’s

When I was a child I didn’t always understand my parents
but they were invariably right, I have read the Bible and I don’t
understand all of it. I don’t always understand my country but
I am willing to follow it passionately and loyally to my grave.

Ihave a feeling the world will be decent again and the
United States will help its gallant brothers England and China
to make it so. If it takes the rest of our days, let’s at least be-
queath our children a decent world. That's a mighty fine legacy
to leave behind. It’s the legacy we inherited.

It’s close on to midnight ,.. another dawn is about to break
through. ~

e-Président and Congress, we are awaiting your march-
mg orders. Surely there is a job for every man and woman in
the United States to do at this zero hour.


New York City, July ro, 1942

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