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3510 Indian Lane
Doraville, Ga. 30040

September 19, 1966

Mr. Ivan Allen, Mayor
City of Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen,

Please allow us to add our comments to the gwyowing number of
them, that are no doubt coming across your desk these weeks after your
recent confrontation with the sorry issue that has come to pass in the
wonderful city of Atlanta.

Although, living in DeKalb County, we are not actual residents of
the city, what affects Atlanta very much affects us in the outer limits.
Having lived over thirty-five years in the city of Pittsburgh before
coming to the Atlanta area five years ago, we feel that we can speak
for the situations in the northern cities with some authority.

Let the colored people here know they get a much fairer shake here
in Atlanta than they would ever get in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Chicage
or wherever. It is high time that the truth of the situations be told -
in the news media throughout the country.

We thank you, Mayor Allen for your courage in going into the
confusion and bringing about rapid order from the chaos. The Police
Department indeed deserves a medal of honor... particularly the
colored police who were very much in evidence at the situation.

This situation, covered in depth by the television, radio and
the news magazines will be a real eye opener for those whose hobby is
to give a “black-eye" to the south. Where were the Mayors of Chicago,
Dayton, and wherever when confusion reigns? At their desk with the
phone —- far from the ecene.

In a&él correspondence and phone calls we have had from our families
and friends throughout Pennsylvania and Ohie, the constant comment was
"Hats off to your Mayor down there —- he sure doesn't stand for much
jazz", does he??

Maybe Atlanta*s image cam be the beginning of a good show to
bring about the ending of this traveling disruption of all our major
cities in this country. Tell us, Mayor Allen, what can Mr. and Mrs.
Average Citizen, do to help you?

Sincerely, Rte das, eee id .
FO » Yt BP. Fue LP YG
Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Fruecht, Jr.

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