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- Mr, Khrushchev said “We will bury you.” He went on
fo a that he would use our money and our people to do
it. Mr. Johnson and King rephrased this statement and said
We shall overcome” you. Now who the “we” are besides
Johnson and King I'm not sure, but | do know that some of
the good white and colored people in Selma and Dallas Coun-
_ ty have been flat overcome. How was Mr. Khrushchev going
‘about burying us? Well, let’s look at what has happened.
Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, highest
court in the land | am told, has done legal work for Mar-
shal Tito. If this is true doesn’t that make him an employee,
agent or representative of a Guiciinist country? After look-
ing at the record of the Supreme Court which has ruled
nearly 100% in favor of the Communist Party it looks like
he, or someone, is still representing them. The Attorney
General and the Justice Department has aided and promoted
internal strife led by known Communists, and if they didn’t
- know it they were too stupid to have the jobs they hold.
_ Even the President's Office has followed policies that pro-
mote the communist cause. To divide the people, demoralize,

create strife, destroy from within, aid Communist countries

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| CHP,

_ Do you think the solary of the Sheriff's Office has ovecom-

think we owe hire a little more than money ould oe kia iH

told him so privately, but what m talking about is to do so

and that is appreciation for a job well done. A lot of us

- publicly. Let’s have a Jim Clark Day and honor a public

official for doing what he was elected to do. In feet, Ihe hes

done the most superb job of any law enforcement official

in this country. With all the effort the Communist Party put ;

% ik

forth to get a lot of people killed, not one person who

,under the protection of the Dallas County Sheriff's Depart-

ment was killed or badly hurt. Not one building was burned,
there was no looting, and not one machine gun was turned

on our local citizens. Every fall there has always been a

was —


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" pensated him for what he has done and been through? | ua





bunch of flim-flam artists that have come to Selma and

some focal citizen is flim-flammed out of his or her money.

‘ ‘ ane D8 fhe As eA
I’m sorry to say that the officials were powerless to stop

the biggest flim-flam of all times, The Sheriff's O

an paNnely owned office and it does not Lae: to Sim . ‘

to tha people of Selina ond | Dallas s County and the an

(pccupies that 'o © should be é#fe ad 6 AeON

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faces. We hear about.the dangers of being destroyed by
the atomic bomb. I‘m not afraid of the atomic bomb, Khrush-
chey, or any known Communist. The ones I’m afraid of are
the ones who are supposed to be our friends, but are not. This
includes corrupt politicians on national, state and local
levels that would sell the future of little children for money,
power and prestige. Worst of all the complacent individuals
who don’t give a hoot what happens, who's in power, what's
going to happen to our children, or what the future holds
as long as their belly‘s full. Their defense is that they can’t
do anything about it, why should they worry about it. Part
of the plan is to destroy the law and respect for it, holler
police brutality, and try to make local officials look like a
bunch of hoodlums. Such was the case of Selma and Dallas
County. Every communist front organization in the country
sent their trained agitators, schooled in how to take a crowd
‘and turn it into a mob, create a riot and get someone killed.

The liberal press was only going to print one side of the

story so as to create hate and divide this country and make

us look like a fool all over the world. The local law finds

himself in an awkward position. He has to protect the very -

ones who have come to raise hell. He has to protect the ones

that are to be used and also the local citizenry. You may

have a husband, brother or friend fighting the communists _

ie “in Vietnarn and you might feel Hestered: and bewildered
when you know the countries that have received billions of

our tax dollars are hauling supplies to the enemy to help

kill our boys with. | just wonder how Jim Clark felt when.

charged with keeping law and order, the Justice Department

tried by injunction to keep him from doing what was neces-
sary to do. He was harassed from the liberal press and con-

demned from all sides. He was called all hours of the night,

. _ threatened, insulted, cursed, and even the tenderest spot of

all, the life and welfare of his family was threatened. They

spent many months in jail and under guard 24 hours a day.

ma and Dallas County, not the Justice Department. lf the

public didn’t think that Wilson Baker was a man that the
Justice Department could work through and run Selma and
Dallas County, then all doubt should be removed when they
stepped into a local election and had a bunch of illegal
votes counted, and certified Wilson Baker as the Democratic
candidate for Sheriff. You know, I’m told that it was illegal

votes that put Lyndon B. Johnson in his first public office.

‘Tonight | put the most precious possessions that | own to bed

—a little girl 10, one 7, a boy 5, and a girl 2—and the
thought struck me that I’m responsible for their future. |
wondered what | would tell them in the future if they were
to ask me, “Daddy, what did you do when the Justice De-
partment took over Selma and Dallas County?” | promised
myself one thing, that my answer would not be “Nothing.”
If you haven't been overcome let’s have the Jim Clark Day
honoring Jim and the public officials who have stood up for
us and the freedom of our country. Let’s put this man back
in the office he is so well qualified for, on a write-in ticket.
They say it can‘t be done, but it’s legal. They ‘say people
won't go to the trouble to go to the polls much less write ins
someone’s name.. | don’t agree. I’ve got more faith in the: ,
people of Selma and Dallas County. | believe that we can
do anything,’s_ proved to,ussthat we can’t. | know one

thing. I’m not going to quit because Jim Clark didn’t quit

and run out when thes going aor eo and i ‘mean it did ost '

we will need him again, They aid: we ‘shall on you or ee
come you, but Jim said “Neyer”. I’m with Jim. We are sup-
posed to lie down, roll over and play dead, but we are not.
Stand up Selma and Dallas County — proud and fall. We
haven't been overcome and if we are buried it will be stand-

ing up, not lying down. Let’s go to work,


(Pa. Pol. Adv. by BHI Bngland—Rrowns, Alabama)

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