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Box 16, Folder 36, Document 9

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1733 B.North Decatur Road
March 6,1,67
Mayor Ivan Allen
City of Atlanta,Georgia
City Hall
Dear Mr.Mayor:With reference to President Johnscf>n's new Civil
Rights message to the Congres s you are rep6ted in. the pre!s
as having sent him a telegram nr pledge you my full support
for the program and the leg1~lat1Te propoBala, and I am
glad to furnish whatever help I may be in seeing that it 18
passed etc".
The President on his Pedernalea ranch and appendages
(some 15,000 acres) is assure4 of s~elter from the provisions
of the proposed legislation. State parks are being developed
to further protect his priTacy. When he goes to Austin he
probably meets his friend!: in exelus1Te clubs.
You too probably li~e in a non-integrated neighborhood nd I doubt that your neighbor• would welcome an integrated apartment house. I am certain that neither the Capital
City club nor the Piedmont Driving club would approTe 1our
proposing ·a.nd mponsor1ng negro members. Just how would •open
housi:m.g• affect your social contacts or the education of your You and the Pres1ient, because of your financial
resources can enjoy the immunities you seek to deny to the
great middle elasm. We too have standards.
Not mal'l.Y social workers have the honesty to do as
Rector Black (a white Harvard graduate~ who, with hie family,
lives in Vine City among the people he seeks to help.
Polities mot only
kes for atre.nge bedfellows as
witRess tke President's voting record as a senator, but 1t
alao breeds hypocr11y.

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