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189 FOURTH ST., N.W.
TR. 2-7642
March 11 , 1963
Th e Honorable Iv an Allen , Mayor
City of Atlan ta
City Hall
Atlanta 3, Georgia
Dear Mayo r Allen ;
I am writing to comme nd yo u fo r yo ur for t hright leaders h ip at
t he alde r man i c board mee t ing on Mond ay, March 4 conerni ng the resolu t i ons of alderman Farris . I fe el it i s nec es s ary t hat definite
ac tion be taken in the area of Negro -White rel a tions and it appears
t o me the five resol ut i ons should help to establish bet t er communi c ation between the races and enable diffic ul t problems to be
resolved .
I am particularly glad to see your immediate re s ponse to Judge
~hitmar'·s ruling by removing t h e barri cades on Peyton and Har l an roads .
I felt they were harmf u l t o the general feeli ng of pers ons j_mmediately
involved and not in t he best int erests of Atlanta as a who le.
I would strongly endorse the study to be made by the City Planning
department in the hope that additional \ and may be made available f)r
housing within the City . If the statistics I have seen are correct,
they show a proportionately small land area available for Negroes,
and I would encourage th~ Addermanic Board to make more housing land
open for Negro building .
Finally, it has come to my attention that there is some concern
as to whether or not tile City will open its swimm ing pools this summer,
especially if they are noc segregated . Let me strongly urge you to
keep the pools open to all who would desire to use them. I have been
proud to see Atlanta handle the schools, colleges, movies, and lunch
counters as the racial bars have fallen; and I think we could also
handle any situation which might arise at the pools. Caution and
planning would be essential to carrying this out, but I am confident
that the people of Atlanta would accept with understanding your leadership at this point.
My wife joins me in expressing the sentiment of this letter.
J>l»\_ ~
cc: Mr. Sam Massell, Jr.
Mr. Milton G. Farris
Lon B. Chesnutt, Associate Director
Wes ley Foundation at Georgia Tech

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