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Box 17, Folder 1, Document 67

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September 27 , 1962
Dear Friends,
I amt king the liberty of addressing you collectively
due to the press of time.
I have been advised by the State Department that
approximately $700.00 of American and foreign
currency which was unidentifiable, was recovered
from the air crash at Orly Air Base.
Normally such funds are deposited by the General
Accounting Office into the United States Treasury.
However , due to the circumstances involved, it is the
feeling of - the American Embassy in Paris that these
funds should be used as a memorial to the Atlantians
who lost their lives in that crash. It has been suggested
that this money be contributed to the Atlanta Art Association Memorial Fund.
I would appreciate hearing from you as to the distribution you wish made and if the suggestion of the Art
Association Fund is agreeable, l will be pleased to
ask the Embassy to appropriate the $700,00 to this
worthy cause,
Sincerely yours ,
Ivan Allen, Jr.

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