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Box 17, Folder 1, Document 83

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Bo x 5788
Demores t , Ge o rg i a
J r y 28, 1963
The HonorQble I v ~ n Allen
Ma~ror of Atlanta
Ci ty Hall
Atlant&, GeorGia
Dear Mr o Allen,
This quarter I am taking a course n
Race and Ethnic Rel~tions at Pi edmont Collee;e,
Demorest, Georgia . I n this class ~e are
studing the racial problems of the nation
so that we.may better unde stand the problem
of race relat · ons .
Could you plea~e give us some information
concerning the conditions that crented and
have ~een crented by the barricades on Peyto n
Rord? Also, what are the barric~des doin3
t.o better the general welfare of the cornn unity?
Thanking vou in advence, I am
Allen A. Phillips, Jr .

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