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Box 17, Folder 1, Document 89

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January 15th: 1962
Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor City of Atlanta
City Hall
Atlanta 3, Georgia
Dear Sir:
I want to take this opportunity to personally commend
you and t he Atlanta Board of Aldermen on your stand on
the Peyton~Harlan Road controversy. I think the time
has come when the wishes of the residents of the affect~
ed area should have some voice in the solution of their
I think that outsiders, who have no financial or other
stake involved 1 should reserve their opinions for something actually concerning them. I wonder what their
stand would be if their property was at stake.
I ivant you to know that I own no property in this affected area but realize that this could also happen in my
area .
Keep up the good work and rest assured that honest,
intelligent citizens of Atlanta wholeheartedly endorse
your actions.
2195 Nelms Drive, s. W.
Atlanta 15, Georgia

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