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Box 17, Folder 1, Document 125

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August 3, 1962
Mr . F . E. Bennett
!83 Fielding Lane, S . W.
Atlanta 11, Georgia
Dear Mr. Bennett:
May l acknowledge your letter of August 1, 1962 and
advise that I have heard from a large number of other
residents of your community.
l want to assure you that my office is available at all
times to assist the citizens of Atlanta in any way I can.
This includes matters of which you spoke in your letter
concerning block busting. I! you would like to come and
talk about this matter and wouldjlike for me to set up a
meeting with your aldermen, Mr . Farris and Mr .
Summer , for an overall discussion., 1 should be glad
to do so.
I have previously discussed this matter with number
of people in order to be of assistance.. It is a difficult
problem. Assuring you of my copperation, I am
Sincerely your ..
Ivan Allen. Jr.,

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