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August 1,
Mayor Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia
Dear Mayor Allen:
As a resident and tax payer of Atlanta, a very beautiful part
of the Southwest section (Peyton Forrest), we solicit your help
and good influence.
As you know by now, the negroes are trying everything to cause
panic and unrest in our neighborhood.
The negro realty agents
of Calloway Realty Co., Alexander & Associates, Fuller Realty
Co. and others are using such tactics as calling everyone in a
block, saying they have several homes in the area listed for s a le.
The y are riding through the area in large numbe r , stopping and
pointing at different homes.
There has also been some seen in the
area in the early morning hours, two to three A. M.
There are
no through streets in the area and we see no reason for this
All the residents of the are a (Peyton and Utoy Forrest) h ave signed
an agreement not to sell to negroes, but the pressure and tactics
used by the negroes have stopped the builders from building in
the area, also people who have been transferred in business are
unable to sell their homes because of these tactics.
We built our hom e s
r e n.
We h a v e s om e
in this a rea to liv e a nd to e du cate ou r c hildfin e s c hools and c hu r che s of wh ic h we a r e v e r y
We feel that steps can be ta k en to p r event this f r o m h a ppening
a nd th a t you a nd othe r good c ity offi c ials will gi ve us fu l l
s uppo r t a nd coop eration in this matt er.
We feel th e f o l lowin g thin gs will re li e v e th e p res su re :
Rez o ne
Gordon Road, west from Peyton to Lynhurst Drive, indust r ial.
Close Peyton a nd Ha rlan Ro a ds.
Re z one t he proposed l and
ea st o f P ey to n Ro ad f o r n e g r o ce me t ery,
If we are r un out o f o u r h o mes b y th e ne g r o es, we f ind it unwise
to re lo cate in Atla nt a or F u lt o n Cou nty Cou nty.
We regret this
since we h a ve been At l anta residents most o f o u r lives and love the
Cit y.
We urge yo u r
support and i ntere st .
Yo~rs• very tQ.d~ ~Porter
50 0 Fielding Lane, S . W.
Atl anta 11 , Georgia

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