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461 Peyton Road, S. We
Atlanta, Georgia

August 1, 1962
Mayor Ivan Allen
Mayor, City of Atlanta
Second Floor, City Hall
Atlanta 3, Georgia

Dear Sir:

As residents of the Peyton - Utoy Forest Community of Southwest
Atlanta, we would like to call your attention to the "block - busting"
campaign which is being waged in our section, despite the posting of
"Disputed Area" signs by property owners, We urgently request that you
do all in your power to stop such tactics by these Negro Realtors,

We also request your support in zoning to Ml, the properties
on the south side of Gordon Koad, S. W., between Peyton Road and Lynhusst
Drive. We are; however, opposed to the proposed Negro cemetary, as well as the
proposed Negro Apartments on the south side of Gordon Road, S. W. and
east of Peyton Road, S. W. We do not understand why it has to be either
the one or the other. ;

We have aadso signed petitions for making Peyton and Harlan Roads
dead - end near Gordon Road, S. We. We feel that neither of these are
so - called "arterial streets of the city, and that our pebition should
be considered at this time.

We feel that if we can ston the Negro Realtors from seeking
listings in our community, and get prover zoning as requested, we can
preserve our community and property values here. We therefore request
your whole - hearted support in all of these matters.

For your information, the zoning hearing is scheduled for
August 9, 1962.

Yours very truly,

Haman’ 1 - and Jitineas TM EAD

James H. and (Mrse) Valera D. Rish

CCs: Messrs. -
Sam Massell, Jr.
Jack Summers
Milton G. Farris

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