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December 16, 1965

Mr. Edward H. Baxter

Regional Administrator

Housing and Home Finance Agency
Room 645, Peachtree-Seventh Building
Atlanta, Georgia 30323

Dear Mr. Baxter:

Thank you for your letter of November 29th and the comments
therein relative to our current Housing Code Compliance

As stated in your letter, we are ahead of projections in units
inspected, but behind projections in compliances. We believe
that a better balance between inspections and compliances can
be attained and it is our aim to accomplish this immediately.

An ordinance will be submitted to the Board of Aldermen at its
meeting on December 20th creating three additional Housing
Code Inspector positions and one Typist-Clerk position effective
January 1, 1966. The creating of these positions should assist
us greatly in attaining the necessary balance between inspections
and compliances.

To date, through the C.I.P. Program, we have in our date
system approximately thirty-two bits of information on each of
the 110,000 parcels within our City. This information will be
in such form that it can be evaluated shortly after the first of
the year. This will enable us to know precisely the number of
substandard structures that we are dealing with in order that
our Housing Code Program, work load and dead lines can be
properly evaluated.

Mr. Edward H. Baxter
Regional Administrator
December 16, 1965
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We appreciate the continued interest of you and your associates
in our programs and assure you that we shall continue to strive
for maximum results through enforcement of our Housing and
Building Codes.

Sincerely yours,

Ivan Allen, Jr.


CC: Mr. Collier Gladin

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