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512 Haldane Drive, S.W.
Atlanta 11, Georgia
July 25, 1962

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

I am writing you this letter as a resident of Peyton-Utoy
Forest which is located off Peyton and Harlan Roads in South-
west Atlanta. Since procuring my new home in December, 1961,

I have become deeply disturbed with a most unpleasant situation
which has developed in my community. It seems that a few "im-
ported" Negro citizenry who live in various sections of our
fair city are determined to drive the Peyton-Utoy Forest resi-
dents out of Southwest Atlanta and perhaps out of the entire
city of Atlanta which is being rapidly absorbed by the Negro
population. This penetration is obviously aimed at gaining
control of the entire Southwest area which contains many beauti-
ful homes and thousands of civic-minded White citizens.

As a homeowner, I have been subjected to constant harrass-
ment and unrest by these few Colored citizens who are bent on
the successful employment of Chicago “block-busting" tactics.
Residents of my community have been plagued with numerous phone
calls and visits by Negro real estate brokers soliciting list-
ings in our all-white community. Each day children are required
to be overly cautious while playing because of the constant
stream of Negro vehicles touring our area in an attempt to
create unrest and panic. We are finding it increasingly more
difficult, if not impossible, to persuade our friends and other
prospective homeowners to settle in our community and enjoy the
fellowship and home life which characterize our quite, peace-
loving, neighborhood.

Mayor Allen, we are tired of being persecuted; and we tremble
at the thought of watching our $21,000 to $28,000 homes decrease
in value because of an unwarranted, uncalled-for attack by pro-
fit-minded Negroes. We earnestly solicit your help in stopping
this encroachment in our community and in Southwest Atlanta in
general. I have lived in Metropolitan Atlanta all of my life and
in the city limits for twenty years. I like Atlanta and what it
stands for; but if these block-busting tactics continue and no
public items show