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512 Haldane Drive S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia

July 26, 1962

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.
Mayor, City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

This letter is in behalf of the residents of Peyton-Utoy
Forest and the citizens of Southwest Atlanta.

As you probably know, quite a problem has been brought about
recently by the fact that Negroes are attempting to “run" the
white residents out of this area. Realizing that there is no
law in Atlanta restricting areas by keeping inharmonious racial
groups from living together in the same neighborhood, we appeal
to you to assist us with this problem.

Of course, you realize that many families have much to lose
by having to move out of this community, and not only that, the
city of Atlanta would be losing quite a bit of tax money if these
residents were forced to move out into the suburbs, or even out
of the city altogether. Also, keep in mind that uprisings such
as this will keep newcomers from wanting to move into our city for
fear of lack of security in establishing a home.

Some of our prominent government officials such as Senator Brown,
Jim Aldredge, John White and numerous others who are dedicated in
making Atlanta a prosperous city, live out in this area and I feel
sure they will assist you in taking a fair stand on this matter.

Mayor Allen, you cannot realize how a problem such as this can
affect a person. It interferes with performance on their jobs, and
I personally know of several instances. One of my neighbors is spend-
ing much time and money in the doctor's office due to the fact that
her health has become worse as a result of worrying about losing her
home. And speakingfor all of the homeowners in this area, I can
assure you the attitude towards our city's government is becoming

If you think we are taking the wrong approach, I would appre-
ciate it if you would take the time to offer us your explanation.
Otherwise, I will assume that you take the same stand as the residents
of the Peyton-Utoy Forest.


Arrlinteie Ma

Barbara M. Farmer

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