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58 Thackeray Place, SW
Atlanta 11, Georgia
July 27, 1962

Honorable Ivan Allen
City Hall
Atlanta, Georgia

My dear Mayor Allen:

Home ownership and land ownership has been the very foundation of our
great nation. Through engendered pride and determination, our forebears set
the path for pre-eminence of America in world affairs.

However hazardous land and home ownership may have been to our fore-
fathers, todays insidious movements present equally heart breaking risks.
About two years ago I purchased a home after retirement in the Utoy Forest-
Peyton Forest area. Along with fifty or more others in this area I invested
all my savings and mortgaged a limited income.

Our little neighborhood is new. We take pride in home ownership.
Collectively our investment in Atlanta runs to about $1.2 million. Now we
find the future uncertain. Negro interests are trying to move in. Pressure
and unscrupulous practices are being anplied. Open as well as covert tactics
are evident. The objectice - break the community and buy property at a
fraction of its real value.

What can we do Mr. Mayor? We are trying to stand together and hold our
community intact, This is an appeal to you - use your very powerful office
to give us aid and assistance. At least in a moral way through Negro real

eatate interests. ee 2O8, e86.@ vy ay

May we count on your support?


JM Tes [WML eeaany

As H. Tomlinson, Jr.

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