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July 24, 1962

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.,
Mayor - City of Atlanta
City Hall

Atlanta 3, Georgia

Dear Mayor Allen:

About fifteen months ago my wife and I purchased the home

for which we have been working for the twenty years we

have been married. It is located in the Utoy-Peyton Forest
area in the Southwest section of Atlanta. We started with
drapes, carpets, and many other things that go into a home,
and in about three (3) months here comes the negroes, and it
has been a continual fight since that time to save our homes.

We have owned and paid taxes on three different homes in the
Southwest Atlanta section in these twenty years, so naturally
we feel that we have had a small part in building this great
City of ours of which we elected you Mayor.

We have voted for many bonds in the pee to help make our City
great. For the last several years the taxpayers that have
been paying for most of the bonds, have had to fight contin-
ually to hold their homes, schools and churches.

Now we are being asked to vote for another bond - Eighty Million
Dollars worth. We all want to. continue to help our City to grow,
and like any business it will have to have additional revenue

to do so. When one has to fight so hard to hold on to his
possessions, there is the question in one's mind whether you
would want to vote for something that would keep you investing
in something you will eventually lose,

Mr. Mayor it is my humble opinion that you and the Aldermawic

Board should take some positive and constructive action immediately
to insure the white citizens of Southwest Atlanta that our taxes
and votes will not be spent in vain.

Honorable Ivan Allen, Jr.

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Thanking you very much for your support.

Yours truly,

ti Lb Ji th vhs

Alderman Milton G. Farris
1167 Cardinal Way, Se We
Atlanta 11, Georgia

Alderman Jack Summers
2335 Wilson Drive, S. W.
Atlanta 11, Georgia

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